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Andrew and Jerry talk with Dr. Matthew Spalding from Hillsdale College, original Tea Partier Brendan Steinhauser, Ben Brubeck from the Associated Builders and Contractors, Mandy Gunasekara, founder of Energy45, our old friend Horace Cooper, Dale Bellis from Liberty HealthShare and our new BFF, retired NYPD Detective Rob O'Donnell, now with Brothers Before Others.

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Andrew and Jerry are joined by conservative writer Matt Walsh, RedMaryland's Brian Griffiths, Tea Party Patriots' Founder JennyBeth Martin, Adam Kennedy, Deputy Director of Communications for the White House, Hayden Williams, the activist who was assaulted at UC Berkeley, and Emma Meshell from Campus Reform!

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Andrew and Jerry sit down with Luke Rosiak from the Daily Caller to talk about his new book, "Obstruction of Justice".  Who really hacked the DNC and stole their emails?  You will find out in a story that is disturbing and harrowing.

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Does familiarity breed contempt?  Andrew and Jerry are joined by Cameron Gray, and they delve into the pressing issue of why Andrew has enemies.  Of course, they talk about the dumpster fire of Virginia politics, and whether the zero-tolerance polices of the Democrats are going to swing the pendulum back to center.  They then debate whether the 2019 State of the Union the greatest SOTU speech ever!  Plus...  talk about Greg Evigan, the late, great, Robert Guillame, Cameron Gray's audio tapes of 80s TV shows, and how Andrew is now friends with Diane Franklin.

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Andrew and Jerry are back in the New Year and despite the mass hysteria, things are actually pretty good in the world.  They talk about the Government Shut Down, the debate over the wall, the Remarks by President Trump, Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer... and the importance of making policy that reflects the realities of the real world.

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Andrew and Jerry are joined by Jenna Lynn Ellis, Director of Public Policy at the James Dobson Family Institute.  They talk about the Mueller Investigation and what the announcement of Gen. Michael Flynn's possible sentencing really means.  It's the day of the George HW Bush Funeral, and they discuss Bush 41's legacy.  They do a deep dive into Jenna's book, "The Legal Basis for A Moral Constitution" and go well-beyond ordered liberty.  Plus, a discussion of favorite holiday songs and Andrew and Jerry rank the Rocky movies!

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Andrew and Jerry are joined by comedian and author Tim Young!  They break down the results of the 2018 Midterms - the good, the bad and the ugly.  Was there a blue wave? What does this mean for President Trump?  What happened in Maryland?  Plus, we learn all about Tim's inter-party dating life!
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On this Special Edition of the LangerCast, Andrew and Jerry talk with one of their favorites... award-winning actor Jeremy Piven.  Jeremy is coming to Baltimore to do stand-up, and in this wide-ranging interview, they talk about the transition from acting to stand-up comedy, they talk about some of Andrew and Jerry's favorite films and roles (and working with directors like Cameron Crowe), and things like improvisation on-set.  But they also talk about the importance of comedy, especially satire, in this day and age, and why we need "persuadables" today.  And Jeremy pays Andrew a head-swelling compliment!

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Andrew and Jerry are live from their Capitol Hill studios - talking about the aftermath of Kavanaugh and lessons learned from last week's vote.  Nicki Haley resigns, and Andrew explains the timing.  And Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi both had things to say about civility--Jerry and Andrew break it down, and we learn what a "Wrap-up Smear" is.
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Andrew and Jerry broadcast from the US Chamber of Commerce's 2018 Small Business Summit.  They talk about small business challenges, whether to talk about entrepreneurship instead of small business.  They're joined by Jona Van Deun from the Chamber, Young Entrepreneur Chris Muth, and Gayle Jagel, founder and CEO of the Young Entrepreneur's Academy!
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Andrew is live from a symposium on trade and national security in San Juan, Puerto Rico, talking about issues like the Jones Act, and how it impacts the American economy and a variety of public policies!  He's joined by George Landrith from Frontiers of Freedom, Kerry Picket from SiriusXM, NRATV and the Daily Caller, and Gabriella Hoffman from the Resurgent!
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Andrew and Jerry are BACK from Summer Vacation! Talking Chaos at the Kavanaugh Hearing, Bob Woodard is Selling Books, and Nike and Hollywood throw America under the bus... again.
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It's a special edition of the LangerCast, live from CryptoBlockCon, an emerging-tech conference held at the New York Institute of Technology in New York City.  Andrew talks with experts on cryptocurrency and blockchain, talks about the differences between the two, and we discover how blockchain can be a truly transformative tech while talking with the entrepreneurs that are bringing amazingly innovative ideas to the marketplace!

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Andrew and Jerry talk about Trump's negotiating style, North Korea, fake news, the latest immigration "scandal", how the Ellicott City floods are manmade, Trump gets a letter edited by an English teacher, authoritarianism in America and the Irish abortion vote!
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LangerCast Episode 159: Oleaginous!
Andrew and Jerry explore George Will's thesaurus... and try to figure out what the Never Trumper Endgame is.  The besmirchment of Vice President Mike Pence by political hack Steve Schmidt (and Andrew talks about the truth behind his support of John McCain).  They explore Trevor Noah's unintentional honesty in a Daily Show ad, talk about Eric Schneiderman's other crimes (and President Trump's prescience), and they talk about the President's announcement on drug price policy!
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A Special Newsbreakers Edition of the LangerCast as host Andrew Langer moderates a symposium in Washington, DC on re-asserting Congress' "War Powers" under the Constitution!  The discussion features former Justice Department official Bruce Fein, Dr. Louis Fisher, author of a book on Congress' war powers, and Col. Larry Wilkerson, adjunct professor at William & Mary.  Remarks are also made by Rep. David Brat (R-VA) and Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY).  A fascinating hour where participants discuss Congress' abdication of it's responsibilities over time, how we got to where we are, and how we get Congress to take back its power from the federal executive branch!

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It's the LangerCast Star Wars Day Spectacular!  Andrew and Jerry are joined by Bridget Rogers and LangerCast Superfan Mrs. McGillicuddy!  We talk Avengers: Infinity War, Did Lin-Manuel Miranda plagiarize himself?  Rudy Giuliani's appearance on Hannity and why the Trump Team can't get out of the way of their own feet.  What is the Star Wars Machete Order... and Andrew tells his saga of trying to find a Stormtrooper on Star Wars Day!

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Andrew Langer and Jerry Rogers are live from Capitol Hill.  Talking about the Comey Town Hall, the attacks on Admiral Ronny Jackson, Kanye West's pro-Trump Tweets, and the case of Baby Alfie.  Plus, Andrew tells Jerry's daughters the story of being hired by Jerry, the Showtime Documentary about WLIR and they discuss the upcoming release of Avengers: Infinity War.

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After a 4 month hiatus, Andrew and Jerry are back! They talk Russia, Mueller, the raid on Trump's lawyer's office, Paul Ryan decides to not run for re-election, and the nation's opiod crisis!
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Jerry and Andrew are BACK! Talking about the Alabama election results - what happened, why, and what does this spell for Trump, Trumpism, and the GOP going into 2018. Then they turn their attention to the Special Counsel's investigation of the Trump Campaign... given new revelations of prejudicial behavior, is it time for the investigation to end?

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Andrew and Jerry talk about the Roy Moore situation in Alabama and what it means more generally.  Then they talk about the problems with the GOP tax proposal, and whether deductions for state and local taxes enable the pushers of big government.

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LangerCast Episode 153: Pravda
There's a new Russia Scandal in the news (sorta), but this time it's the Clintons in the crosshairs.  Andrew and Jerry talk about this, the media ignoring or misreporting other stories, and whether or not the Republic is lost.
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Andrew and Jerry are live from Old Town Alexandria.  They talk free speech with CFIF's Tim Lee, are joined by ACU's Michi Iliazi.  Kneeling and the NFL - where does it end? Andrew reviews the Kingsman and Jerry is still obsessed with NOT going to the Billie Jean King/Bobbie Riggs movie.
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Andrew and Jerry are live once again from Capitol Hill.  They talk Trump and the UN, Kim Jong Un tweets (and gets translated), the Graham-Cassidy Legislation.  Jerry has no interest in seeing the Bobby Riggs/Billy Jean King movie (and Andrew loved Wind River).  Mr. It Was Me is back! And Trump gets proven right about the Deep State.
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Andrew and Jerry break down Hillary's new book, and whether Hillary is deep in denial, still, over why she lost last November. They are joined by Brian Darling, and talk about 4th amendment issues and intellectual property.  Finally, they talk DACA and commemorate 9-11
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LangerCast 149:  Tanned, Rested and Ready
Jerry and Andrew are back from vacation.  They talk Charlottesville and the great divide in America, how one ought to examine the issue of statuary removal.  Mike Rowe gets some fan mail riddled with fallacies, and he, in turn takes down the author of the email.  And they talk North Korea!
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Andrew and Jerry talk about the President's feud with AG Sessions and how this plays with the rest of the cabinet, they break down the President's announcement on Transgender military service, and how the Swamp is pushing back against the president!

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The LangerCast is live from the RedMaryland 10th Anniversary Party!  We sit down with Greg Kline and Brian Griffiths, Red Maryland's founders, Andrew revisits with his former podcast partner, Mark Newgent.  Former neighbor (and Red Maryland Alumna) Andi Morony stops by.  And we chat with Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh!

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Andrew and Jerry are joined by a special guest in the Wren's Rest Studio!  The health care bill is released, we talk about the U2 Concert at FedEx Field, Bono's calls for common ground, and people trying to rob others of joy.  We break down the special election in GA-6 and what this bodes for Democrats moving forward, Trump's speech in Cedar Rapids (and his desire to build a solar wall) and Paul Ryan on Tax Reform.

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Jerry and Andrew break down the thwarted massacre of Republicans in Alexandria, VA.  Who was James Hodgkinson? How did we get to this point?  Why the left's rhetoric (and the impact thereof) cannot be compared to that on the right.  What does this all mean going forward?
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LangerCast Episode 144: Monitorizing Perscapacity (and other malapropisms)
An action-packed LangerCast as Andrew and Jerry are joined by TPA's Michi Iliazi and the Baked, Roasted & Fried Blog's Insouciant Chef, Chris Terrell (and his son, Forrest).  Comey is testifying, but what is he actually saying?  We explain the concept of "Woke" to Chris, talk what TPA's up to, discuss Transgender policy, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, and Bernie Sanders' strange religious tests for public service.
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RIP Roger Moore.  Ajit Pai reads mean tweets. We talk Net Neutrality, Russia, Fake News, Trump's first foreign trip.

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Andrew and Jerry break down the Comey firing, cutting through the partisan narrative to get at what really matters and Andrew has a recommendation for a new FBI Director.  Then they separate the wheat from the chaff on the AHCA--the myths, the facts, and how health care can really be fixed.
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Andrew and Jerry break down the first 100 days... and give Trump letter grades.  They talk about the latest in Trump's statements that have the media in an uproar, talk about America's asian foreign policy.  They talk flawed dystopian fiction... and the arrogance of political comedians!
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Andrew and Jerry are live from the downtown DC studios!  Joined by Michi Iliazi, they talk about GA 6, Tax Day, and the latest terrorist attacks!
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LangerCast Episode 139:  United We Stand, Against United
Andrew and Jerry break down the United Airlines saga... and actually aren't so united in their conclusions.  They talk about the special elections in Kansas and Georgia, whether we'll go to war with North Korea and Russia (and what's happening in Syria).  And is Trump pivoting towards the center, or is Trump being Trump?
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Andrew and Jerry are live from the Capitol Hill Bunker.  They talk about Maryland legislative shenanigans regarding generic drug and craft beer... and the cronyism involved.  Was pulling the AHCA failure, or brilliant politics?  And legislators in Minnesota want the government to prepare your tax refurns for you... why this is a supremely bad idea.  Plus, Andrew talks about Kong: Skull Island and the dearth of movies he wants to see.

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Andrew and Jerry analyze the stunning revelations that came from Rachel Maddow's courageous reporting on Donald Trump's tax return.  Then we break down the concept of "intersectionality" and Andrew talks about the roots of America's "change revolution" and the "psychotic jihad' that has sprung up in response.  Finally, there's controversy over the American Health Care Act... and we talks what's actually terrific about the AHCA!

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Andrew and Jerry are joined by Michi Iliazi... and it's Meech's Birthday!  They listen to the Zomebie Trump Protestor, and talk about just what International Day Without Women Day is all about.  They talk about the proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare, Defense Spending, and Trump's claims that he and his campaign were wiretapped!
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Andrew Langer​ & Jerry Rogers​ are live from the LangerCast Bunker on Capitol Hill. They break down the President's speech to the joint session, the Democrat response (and the response from some NeverTrump Republicans), and then talk about the 8th Anniversary of the Tea Party.
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We are joined by Amelia Hamilton, Cameron Gray, John Popp and Mona Salama
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Me, Jerry Rogers, Michi Iliazi & Amelia Hamilton are joined by...- Kurt Schlichter - Jim Geraghty - Mickey White - Lawrence J. Spiwak
And a cast of characters!

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Andrew and Jerry are live from Ben's Chili Bowl! They talk about General Flynn, the epic Trump press conference, a "Day Without Immigrants" and why we actually have to live in the real world.
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Andrew and Jerry talk about Elizabeth Warren being shut down on the Senate floor, just what _is_ a snowflake and why snowflakes ought to take that moniker in stride.  The Ted Cruz/Bernie Sanders debate and just what needs to be fixed in health care.  And where does the left-right conflict end?  Or does it not?

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Andrew and Jerry break down the Gorsuch nomination to the Supreme Court and the predictable response from the left.  We talk about the Trump EO on Immigration - what it was and what it wasn't.  And we talk about the current left-right divide... are we in a "cold" civil war?

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Andrew and Jerry break down the Women's March in Washington, the first 100 hours of the Donald Trump Administration, and Andrew offers a tribute to a late friend.
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The LangerCast is live from Capitol Hill the day before Donald Trump has his Inauguration.  Andrew and Jerry are joined by Michi Iliazi and Tim Young.  The four of them break down the last days of the Obama administration, the first days of the Trump administration.  They talk about what Trump has to do in order to succeed - ad stick around to the very end for a bold prediction from Michi!
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Andrew and Jerry break down the "dossier".  What are journlists' obligations in pushing stories?  What are parental obligations when uncomfortable subjects come up in the news?  How bad is the divide today?
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Andrew, Jerry and Michi are back! Does Jerry hold a grudge?  Are Andrew & Meech too quick to judge? We talk fake hacking stories, the returning Congress, karma and presidential appointments, favorite Billy Joel albums and songs... and Jerry being confuse by "The Force Awakens".
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Have we entered the world of the "Double Bizarro"?  Can Donald Trump summon his internal Ronald Reagan?  Is he the "straw that stirs the drink"? We talk #ElectoralCollegeFail, MTV's New Year's Message for White Men, and the nuttiness of leftist protestors.
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Andrew and Jerry are live from Ben's! We talk about the so-called Russian "hack" - what does it really mean, what was the real impact, what's the goal.  Andrew talks about people contacting him about his Electoral College vote despite the fact that he's not an elector.  Jerry admits that he watches Madam Secretary.

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Andrew, Jerry and Michi are live from Capitol Hill!  They talk fake news, cronyism, movies and why Jerry is all in a lather!  Also more on transition, and the moves Trump is making pre-inauguration!
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We talk transition, Castro, flagburning, the divisions in America.  Is Donald Trump a massive troll?  How does Jerry sell out?
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A shorter, pre-Thanksgiving LangerCast.  Andrew and Jerry talk about the Hamilton Controversy - why the cast was wrong, why Trump, was wrong.  Was anyone right?  We talk about Mike Pence, and the attacks on his record. And then we talk about the 200 white nationalists who came to DC over the weekend.

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Andrew and Jerry assess the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential elections--what we know about what happened, the reactions from people at all points on the spectrum.  We talk discourse, and Andrew revisits his tale of being unfriended this past June. Then we talk transition... and who might be in a Trump administration.

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The LangerCast election night special - Live via Facebook Live! Andrew and Jerry are live from the Cam & Company Studios near Washington DC for election night. They take your phone calls, break down the results as they come in, offer their thoughts for the election itself. They're joined by Cam Edwards for a discussion of how America can (and needs to) come together!

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It's the week before the Election and we're fired up!  Andrew and Jerry talk about the racial divide, the changing definition of racism, and Andrew's visit to the Fieldston School last week.  Then they launch into the latest election bombshells...  the FBI emails, Andrew's theory about what Huma Abedin's real role in the scandal, what this means for the election... and Andrew offers what Jerry calls "the most brilliant thing ever said on the LangerCast"!
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Andrew and Jerry are joined by Michi Iliazi from Taxpayers Protection Alliance.  We break down TPA's Tricks and Treats list.  American Committment's Phil Kerpen stops by to talk about a fascinating scandal brewing with America's Registrar of Copyrights.  Andrew reviews "Hamilton", and they discuss why the musical is important in 2016.  Then we talk politics - we're two weeks out from the election, and we still don't know what's going to happen.

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The LangerCast breaks down the final presidential debate!  What was said, what wasn't said, and where both candidates came up short.  Jerry and Andrew do some forecasting, talk about election fraud and open up the listener mailbag.  Some talk about Marvel, and Andrew breaks down a story that could fundamentally change the global economy!

Direct download: LangerCast_Ep_116_102016.mp3
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Andrew and Jerry are joined by independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin and his running mate Mindy Finn!  Before the interview, Andrew & Jerry talk about the national Hamilton pheomenon, Andrew's theory about Trump's P-Word scandal, and what was missed in the most-recent presidential debates.  Then they talk with Evan & Mindy about their run!
Direct download: LangerCast_Ep_115_101116.mp3
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Andrew and Jerry are joined by Michi Iliazi from TPA! The three of them break down the first presidential debate between Trump and Clinton.  Who won, who lost, what was missed, what targets hit.  If you're looking for a balanced and objective look at the showdown, this is it!

Direct download: LangerCast_Ep_114_092716.mp3
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Jerry and Andrew are live from the NRANews studios, joined by Cameron Gray.  We talk about the latest polls, whether Hillary will participate in Monday's presidential debate, talk about the weekend's bombings, the shootings in Charlotte and Tulsa, and the rioting.  We also talk about a high school teacher stomping on the American flag, and play a game with Jerry!
Direct download: LangerCast_Ep_113_092216.mp3
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Andrew and Jerry talk pneumonia, Hillary's "truthiness gap" and baskets of deplorables.  We talk about Massachusetts' new policies regarding faith-based groups and LGBTQIA accomodations with Rob Eno from the Conservative Review.  We talk tribalism, tales of being unfriended on social media, and what the latest polls are showing.

Direct download: LangerCast_Ep_112_091416.mp3
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Jerry and Andrew sit down with Amelia Hamilton to talk back to school, her books, and why Stranger Things is both great _and_ scary!  We talk Hillary's health and the FBI document dump, the latest Trump polls, gas price memories, and we contrast the life of Colin Kaepernick with that of St. Teresa of Calcutta!
Direct download: LangerCast_Ep_111_090716.mp3
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Jerry and Andrew break down the Colin Kaepernick scandal, and discuss the Alt-Right movement.  What do they have in common?  Why should conservatives be thankful for the Alt-Right movement?  We talk Hillary Clinton's latest email scandal, offer our memories of Gene Wilder, and talk about stuff our parents say and do!

Direct download: LangerCast_Ep_110_083116.mp3
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As the kids head back to the classroom, Andrew and Jerry break down changes in school policies around the country...  from homework to transgender issues.  They tackle the thorny issue of transgender competition in sports, and then get to the latest in the Clinton foundation revelations and explore whether Donald Trump's campaign can really pivot!
Direct download: LangerCast_Ep_109_082416.mp3
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Jerry and Andrew are back from vacation... and everything seems to have gotten worse.  They break down Trump's ongoing problems, the latest with Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.  They're joined by Andrew's Dad, and they talk about the overall political scene.  They mourn the passing of famed chef Michel Richard, Andrew tells the harrowing tale of Action Park, and Jerry & Bridget review "Ex Machina".
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This week, the LangerCast sits down with Rachel Campos-Duffy, alumna of MTV's "The Real World" and wife of Congressman Sean Duffy (who starred on MTV's "Road Rules").  Andrew and Jerry talk with Rachel about her work as national spokesman for the Libre Initiative, the state of American political discourse today, and Rachel shares some heretofore unheard stories from her Real World days!
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Andrew is back from Cleveland, and he & Jerry break down both the RNC and the DNC. Just when you thought Hillary was unstoppable, along comes Wikileaks with bombshell after bombshell.  Debbie Wasserman Shultz is out... or is she?  What do Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders have in common?  Andrew tells tales of his RNC experience, and talks about why he had to eject.  And the LangerCast makes predictions as to who will win the Presidency.
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Jerry and Andrew are back, live from the Republican National Convention.  Talk of Andrew's meeting with Public Enemy's Chuck D, other celebrity sightings, whether the convention has been a dumpster fire.  Did Milanea Trump really plaigiarize both Michelle Obama AND Rick Astley?  And is this just a ruse to distract from the Rules Committee fight.  We bring back Rob Eno from the Conservtive Review to discuss.  Shout outs to Brian Griffiths, RedMaryland and Nicolee Ambrose!
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The LangerCast is live from the Republican National Convention, day 1.  We interview Greg Harris, CEO of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Derek Hunter from WBAL talks about Trump and the latest in the Freddie Gray trials.  We have an abbreviated glimpse into the RNC rules with Rob Eno of the Conservative Review.

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The LangerCast is live from the Republican National Convention, day 1.  We interview Greg Harris, CEO of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Derek Hunter from WBAL talks about Trump and the latest in the Freddie Gray trials.  We have an abbreviated glimpse into the RNC rules with Rob Eno of the Conservative Review.

Direct download: LangerCast_RNC_Episode_1_0618.mp3
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Andrew and Jerry sit down for a preview of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland with former RNC Chair (and former MD Lieutenant Governor) Michael Steele.  They talk about the Veepstakes, what could happen at the RNC, a new #Never movement, and Andrew confirms the story of a famous photograph from 2008's RNC!


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The 2016 Presidential Race really is a race to the bottom.  Andrew and Jerry break down the FBI's decision to not recomment that Hillary Clinton be prosecuted, and how Donald Trump is trying to do everything in his power to lose the presidency.  They talk Gary Johnson, #FreeTheDelegates, and food labeling policy.
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A retired Air Force NCO is forcibly removed from another's retirement ceremony. His crime? Daring to utter the word "God" during a flag-folding speech!  We talk to Mike Berry from the First Liberty Foundation about the case of Oscar Rodriguez, and the good work of First Liberty.  We talk food policy, and Maine Governor Paul LePage, as well as more on the Philly Soda Tax!  And the world remains on fire!
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Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes sits down with Andrew and Jerry to talk about what's really going on with the Trump Campaign.  Staff shakeups, fundraising filings, the issues facing the campaign.  How is the campaign transitioning from the primary to the general election?  Listen and learn!

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In the aftermath of the Orlando Attack, Jerry and Andrew tackle the problems of the growing divide between Americans, and efforts to bridge that divide.  Andrew tells the story of being unfriended over the weekend on social media, and offers why such behavior is unhelpful to political discourse and solving problems.  Jerry then offers his theory as to what an open GOP convention really could mean.  And Andrew talks about the worst movie he's seen in years!
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The LangerCast is live from the DC premiere of the new documentary, A Billion Lives... a film about how vaping techology is shifting people away from tradtional smoking, has the potential to save millions upon millions of people, and how that industry is under siege from a variety of special interests!  We interview Tony Abboud from the Vapor Technology Association about the film, and about the latest assault from the FDA on vapor enthusiasts!  Michi Iliazi from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance joins Andrew and Jerry, and the three talk about what TPA is up to, discuss the California Primary, Trump's comments about the judge in the Trump University case, whether the Libertarian Party is interested in courting social conservatives, and touch on the latest Game of Thrones and Haley Atwell's comments about Captain America's romantic interests!

Direct download: LangerCast_Ep_103_060716.mp3
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Andrew and Jerry break down the lunacy that is the #JusticeForHarambe movement, and the idiocy of the public outrage over the gorilla killing in Cincinnati this weekend.  Then they talk abject disappointment - disappointment in the possible proffering of David French as a Third Party candidate, disappointment in the Libertarian Convention, and disappointment with the choices this election season.  An in-depth discussion over the ethics of #NeverTrump - and who would be easier to oppose... Trump or Clinton.  And tales of snakes in the yard!
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We try to have a Trump-less week.  We fail. Regulation is the order of the day, and then we launch into a discussion on what's legitimate to criticize about Trump, and just what isn't.  His attacks on others this week--and whether they distract from the Clinton news (which we dissect).  We talk Elizabeth Warren, and the differences between politicians who are narcissists versus those who are ideologues.  Then we talk prayers and praise, Memorial Day Plans, and classic rock!

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In this special "News Breaker" segment, The LangerCast is joined by the Heritage Foundation's Lindsey Burke.  Lindsey discusses the Philly tax in the context of education policy, and it's not surprising that Mayor Kenney's proposal receives a Failing Grade when it comes to what's best for Philly's students and their families.
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The LangerCast Celebrates 100 Episodes! Live from the undisclosed LangerCast bunker in DC, Andrew & Jerry are joined by special guests, Michi Iliazi, comedian Tim Young, and writer and raconteur, Brian Darling!

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Jerry's fed up, and Andrew's had an epiphany.  Is Donald Trump merely a rorschach test for America, holding a mirror up to America's voters?  Is there a third choice beyond #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary ? Tune in for a potential solution to this conundrum. The North Carolina bathroom fight is a mere proxy war in an overall push by the left--and the left's attacks on Captain America fit into this!  And the guys give thanks and congratulations to several LangerCast friends and listeners!

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LangerCast Action Alert:  Libertarian Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen
Andrew and Jerry sit down with entrepreneur and libertarian activist Austin Petersen in a supplemental LangerCast episode, to talk about his campaign for President of the United States!
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Jerry and I interview Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Judd Weiss.  We break down what happened in Indiana, why Cruz lost, why Trump won, and how the Libertarian party can reach out to disaffected voters of all kinds:  Republicans, Democrats and Independents.  We talk Star Wars Day, Captain America Civl War, and why 80s music doesn't suck!

Direct download: LangerCast_Ep_98_050416.mp3
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This week, Jerry and Andrew break down the results of the "Acela" Primary - and delve deeply into just what happened in Maryland.  Andrew talks about karma in some of the results, and Jerry reveals his deep concern for what's happening in America. Then they explore two theories of the Trump phenomenon--how the destruction of the Tea Party Movement led to the Trump candidacy, and what the decline in youth baseball has to do with the rise of Trump.  There's a victory in the war on free speech, Jerry and Andrew offer their thoughts on the 100th anniversary of the Easter Uprising in Ireland, and they pay tribute to the work of Prince. Oh - and Andrew and Jerry come up with a new busines idea!

Direct download: LangerCast_Ep_97_042616.mp3
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Jerry and Andrew are joined by Sam Kazman from the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Steve Everly from Energy In Depth.  They talk about the assault on the First Amendment rights of CEI, and the possible abuses of power by 20 attorneys general around the US.  Jerry is depressed about last night's New York primary, and just what it says about politics and culture in the US generally.  Indiana may have the most important primary in the US... and they discuss next week's Maryland primary!

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Jerry and Andrew break down what went on in Colorado, and why Donald Trump is a whiner.  What's going to happen in New York next week, and how does that play into the primary overall.  Then it's the use of government power to compel you to change your beliefs... from participating in gay marriage to who can use which bathrooms to skepticism over climate policy proposals.  20 attorneys general have banded together to use law enforcement powers to harass skeptics, with the Competitive Enterprise Institute right in the crosshairs.  Then it's the war over GMO labeling, Jerry's birthday, and Andrew's love of the TV show, Billions.

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LangerCast Episode 94: Rush Is Wrong... About Trump
Andrew and Jerry dive right into the meat of the matter - Rush Limbaugh translates what Trump really means... and he's completely and utterly wrong.  We break down what happened in Wisconsin, and what this bodes for both Trump and Cruz.  Trump's plan to build a wall may be correct, but how he plans to pay for it is not only idiotic, but dangerous.  We set Trump's post-Wisconsin statement to fitting music, and underscore what the statement says about Trump himself.  Then we talk about the assault on speech, especially skeptical and dissenting speech, by 20 attorneys general.  Finally, we talk about our weekends, Batman v Superman, and give a fitting tribute to Thurman Munson at the start of this years baseball season.


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Andrew and Jerry test the thesis of whether everything helps Trump, or is he now just a "casserole of crazy"?  We talk scandals, arrests, and the latest from the campaign town halls.  Andrew tells his tale of fixing his garage door, and we do a tribute to the late, great, Garry Shandling!

Direct download: LangerCast_Ep_93_033016.mp3
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Live from the Capitol Hill studios in Washington, DC, and Andrew & Jerry almost spill the beans about the actual locale! Michi Iliazi is back in the 3rd chair, and Andrew talks about bring creeped out by German Army re-enactors over the weekend.  They talk Trump...  his national security team, his speech at AIPAC, and how EVERYTHING seems to help him!  Discussions of Cruz' strategy, and what the 3rd party folks are really up to, and the need for Congress to return to "regular order."  They offer their thoughts on the latest Brussels attacks and the response to islamic terror, break news about a celebrity death, and talk about Philly's sugar tax.

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Jerry and Andrew have some breaking news... and we're joined by conservative activist Heather Cordasco to break it down!  We talk about the Sisters of the Poor case before the Supreme Court, talk about the primaries, and learn more about Republican politics in Virginia.  We assess this week's contests, and what it portends for an "open" convention for the GOP.  Then it's St. Patrick's Day.. is it an Irish holiday?  Or a celebration of American Exceptionalism?

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LangerCast Episode 90: Best CPAC... EVER!
And one of the best LangerCast's ever.  Tons of guests as Andrew and Jerry are live from Radio Row.  Author Matt Walsh, NRA News' Cam Edwards.  America's greatest satirist, Jim Geraghty and his radio co-host, Mickey White... and much, much more!
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Andrew and Jerry are live from the Conservative Political
Action Conference... Sean Hannity crashes the show!

Direct download: LangerCast_Ep_89_CPAC_030316.mp3
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The LangerCast is live from the offices of the American Conservative Union!  Andrew and Jerry are joined by ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp and Executive Director Dan Schneider... and they delve deeply into what remains the best political conference in America!  What goes into putting a conference of this size and magnitude together? What's not to be missed?  What does CPAC have in common with homeric lore?  What pop artist is Dan Schneider a super fan of?  Why is CPAC the must-attend conference for activist and political candidate alike?
Direct download: LangerCast_E88_CPAC-Special_Full-Show_022416_56.mp3
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Andrew, Jerry and Michi are live from the voiceover studios of the OneAmerica News Network's DC Bureau!  A few housekeeping details, an apology about audio difficulties, and a discussion of whether Jerry should take his eldest to see "Deadpool!".  Michi talks about the FCC wanting to mandate new cable box rules, and then the boys jump in to a discussion of 2016 -- what happened at Saturday's debate, what may happen in South Carolina, and where it all went wrong.  Andrew opens a chat about whether we're seeing a replay of Germany in 1936, Italy of 1932, or New York of 1977... with a discussion of The Warriors, Fort Apache: The Bronx, and NY77: The Coolest Year in Hell.
Then it's onto the passing of Justice Scalia, what his legacy really is, and what ought to happen with the process to succeed him.  Jerry talks about why one shouldn't remove a jacket before getting into a fight, and Andrew gives birthday greetings to his Dad!
Direct download: LangerCast_Ep_87_021816.mp3
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It's the LangerCast NH Primary Spectactular, live from the Granite State Media Center in Manchester! Jerry and Andrew are joined by WMALs Larry O'Connor, Scottie Nell Hughes from CNN and Fox Business, and conservative hero (and fomer Mayor of Bogota, New Jersey), Steve Lonegan.  Done in two parts, Andrew & Jerry, along with their guests, break down what's happening in the Granite State, and make predictions as to the how the Democratic and GOP candidates will finish.  Then, Andrew and Jerry come back the morning after the primary, see how their predictions stacked up, and talk about what this all means going forward.

Direct download: LangerCast_Ep_86_NH_Spectacular_020916.mp3
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It's the Iowa Caucus breakdown! Andrew and Jerry are live from the offices of American Commitment and joined by Founder & President Phil Kerpen.  Cruz won, Trump lost, and Hillary & Bernie had to go to multiple coin tosses to determine a winner. Does a 2nd place finish spell doom for Trump? Are things on the upswing for Rubio?  Martin O'Malley drops out... will anyone notice or care?  Just how incompetent is Hillary Clinton? Phil goes through the emails to show us.
Is Punxsutawney Phil the go-to rodent prognosticator?  Or should the honors go to Dover Doug?  Why is "The Postman" one of the best libertarian films of all time?
All this, plus musical selections from listeners "Code Name Maserati" and Jeff Hancock!
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84: The Donald Ducks
Jerry and Andrew tackle civil discourse this week... has partisan politics moved fully into cults of personality?  We talk Snowzilla, revisit the Maryland CD-6 GOP primary, and talk about Trump's decision to skip this week's Fox News debate!
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Live from the LangerCast RELMNetwork Snowpocalypse 2016 Weather Center, Andrew and Jerry tell tales of family cars, trips to the Bronx, and long lost friends and family.  They talk about the congressional race in Maryland's 6th District, and the curious incident of the front-running being a Martin O'Malley donor.  They talk about the latest Hillary Clinton woes and Bernie Sanders' terrific new ad.  Finally, they talk about the effort to "Dump Trump" and the defining characteristic of Trump supporters!

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