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For your holiday enjoyment, Andrew and Jerry present their crossover episode with the guys from RedMaryland Radio: Greg Kline, Brian Griffiths and Mark Newgent, live from the Maryland Republican Party's Fall Convention!  We talk to party chair Diana Waterman, National Committeewoman Nicolee Ambrose, and a cast of thousands stop by!

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Andrew and Jerry are live from the library of Americans for Tax Reform! 
They break down the report on the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques, and talk about the balancing act between liberty and security.
Then they break down the "Cromnibus" - the massive spending bill about to be passed by Congress.  They're joined by Peter Roff from US News and World Report, who offers some positive thoughts on this, and how it fits into an overall government reform strategy.
Finally, they talk Operation Choke Point, and the overall issue of abuse of power.  House Government Reform and Oversight presents a stunning indictment of abuse of power by FDIC, and Peter Roff talks about his recent pieces on protesting and Eric Garner.  What happens when you turn public safety officers into government tax collectors?
All this, with Andrew and Jerry playing trivia from a 1986 issue of Rolling Stone, and Peter Roff joining for a little music jingle trivia!
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Christmas time is here, and Andrew and Jerry have their soundtracks ready!  They discuss their live show with Red Maryland this Friday night, and announce a small LangerCast/Institute for Liberty victory on police body cameras!  This leads them into a greater discussion of Ferguson, the Tea Party, and the so-called "Racial Resentment Index".  Then they talk about immigration reform, and the national debt reaching 18 Trillion Dollars!

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A massive and packed LangerCast this week--with no upfront filler!  We start with the SNL "I'm Just An Executive Order" skit, and then immediately have a discussion of Ferguson. What's going to happen next?  What opportunities did President Obama miss?  How can left and right come together?  Jerry and Andrew talk about the grand jury process, and come to some slightly different conclusions.
Then we talk about the President's Executive order on Immigration, and the Rule of Law.  Andrew gives some background on Jonathan Turley - did you know he sued the Department of Defense over environmental crimes at Area 51?  Andrew talks about the case - and they then talk about the transformation of the progressive movement from being anti-authoritarian to being supportive of the increased state.
Then there's talk of Crony Capitalism and a coalition letter that IFL joined that is getting a tremendous amount of attention -- and Andrew and Jerry share a discussion of White Castle and City island.
More nostalgia for the Bronx, which leads to the case for Derek Jeter for US Senate in 2016.
Finally, Andrew talks about the return of Ms. Jerdomoism 2014, living rent free in the Lickspittle's head, the propriety of a newlywed being on social media the weekend after her wedding to trash talk someone else, and then the story of why Andrew severed his relationship with the Mike O'Meara show, brought on by a mention during Mike's impressionist eulogy of Marion Barry.
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The Latest Episode of the LangerCast starts with the #Gruber SuperCut--Andrew and Jerry break down the latest in the Gruber saga - and talk about what the responses to GruberGate tell us.  They talk about what Jerry termed the Senate's "Fail Mary" play, the attempt to pass KeystoneXL pipeline legislation. How does this fit into America's energy policy--and, more to the point, was this just a craven exercise in political kabuki theater.  Then they get into crony capitalism, talking about online gaming, but also the greater context of how left and right can come together.  Call it cronyism, call it corporate welfare, the point is, regardless of which party does it, its wrong.  They also talk about Interstellar, the Aviator... they're joined by producer Charlie and one of Jerry's daughters!

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Andrew and Jerry are back at One America News, joined once again by Michi Iljazi from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance! Jerry tells tales of his sister's wedding, and Andrew recounts the story of speaking at his high school.  Then the three of them break down last week's election.  What really happened with voter turnout - and what are the takeaways from last week?  They talk about executive branch over-reach, and the President deciding to completely ignore last week's election results. You've heard about Jonathan Gruber?  Get the inside scoop on how a major architect of Obamacare lied to the American public, and just how much contempt he has for voters!  What's the story with Net Neutrality, and President Obama's negotiations with China?  Then Michi fills us in on what TPA is up to... were you aware that the US Postal Service is delivering GROCERIES?  Andrew sure wasn't!  Then a brief tribute to Sugarhill Gang's Big Bank Hank!

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Andrew and Jerry are live from the American Conservative Union's Election Night Party!  They're joined by former ACU Chairman Al Cardenas, who talks about the importance of being FOR people.  Adam Schaeffer from Evolve Strategies talks about getting beyond mere messaging and into how one can actually make a case for positive change.  CEI President Lawson Bader sits on the couch to talk kilts, the Story of Scotch, and CEI's Obamacare lawsuits.  Then we're joined by Sabrina Schaeffer from the Independent Women's Forum to talk about IWF's new book!  A special mystery guest, Bryan Wilkes (one of Andrew's best friends, and witness to the Busch Gardens Howl O' Scream Shenanigans) drops in for an appearance.
Finally, party host Dan Schneider, the current Executive Director of the ACU, sits down to talk about the work that he, Matt Schlapp (ACU's new chairman) and the ACU team are doing to make ACU and CPAC even better!
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It's the LangerCast pre-Midterm Election spectacular! The show starts with a phone call from "Uncle Artie" - Andrew's Dad, who talks about how the Bronx was forever changed by Central Planners. Andrew and Jerry make bold predictions for next week's elections, and have some pointers for those who want to lead in the lame duck session! They talk about Hillary Clinton's "Businesses Don't Create Jobs" statement, and what that says about competing world views.  Finally, Andrew talks about his family's tour of the Bronx last week, and Jerry and Andrew discuss Bronx culture, family life, and the importance of giving thanks.

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Andrew and Jerry are back in their respective studios this week - both with stories of homecomings gone well.  Andrew talks about how you can see the goodness of people, and Jerry talks about the first high school homecoming dance.  They talk about how politics and bad science has the potential to destroy food innovation--how regulation and subsidies distort the marketplace and discourage inventiveness.  They circle back to the issue of speech, beliefs, and government intrusion, talking about the Houston Pastor Subpoena story, as well as the wedding chapel in Coeur D'alene.  Andrew offers a handy guide to how you balance rights, and Jerry offers somber thoughts on ordered liberty.
Finally, they break down the appointment of Ron Klain as Ebola Czar, not just explaining the problem with appointing a political hack to a serious job, but offering comparisons AND potential other candidates!


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Jerry and Andrew are back at the offices of Americans for Tax Reform, joined in studio by Julie Gunlock from the Independent Womens Forum.  Andrew tells his harrowing tale of Busch Gardens' Howl-O-Scream (and the aftermath).  Then when Julie joins they talk food policy, GMOs, and Michelle Obama dancing with a turnip!  They talk Ebola, public health, and making enemies, and after Julie departs Andrew and Jerry talk about free speech and the bizarre case of Houston Pastors having their sermons subpoenaed by the city.

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This week, Andrew and Jerry are live from the studios of OneAmerica News! A special message goes out to one of the LangerCast's most-dedcated fans.  Andrew talks about slugging, and the dumbest things he's ever read. They talk about the mishandling of the global ebola crisis, and Jerry exposes the myths in the latest US unemployment numbers. Then they talk about why they are of two minds regarding the video ambush of Lois Lerner, and how to think about politics and policy as though it were strategizing for the post-season.

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We're back from a week off, with tales of travel, illness, and worshipping at the House that Jeter Built.  Live from Americans for Tax Reform, we're joined by Michi Iljazi from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance.  We celebrate #2, talk about Jerry's piece in the Daily Caller about GMOs, and then chat about what the TPA is all about.  Extensive discussion of the war on free speech and Operation Choke Point, and Michi (a runner up for one of the 50 hottest on the Hill) impresses us with his obscure knowlege of films and 80s music!

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In this special, less-than-fifteen minute long supplement to this week's LangerCast, Andrew and Jerry revisit some allegations levied by Melanie Sloan of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) against Andrew and the Institute for Liberty, in light of some new allegations against Sloan and CREW reported by the Daily Caller today!

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It's a jam-packed LangerCast this week, and Andrew and Jerry draw a lot of contrasts.  First, we hear the story of Producer Charlie's run-in with a copperhead in his backyard!  Then, Andrew gives his review of the reboot of People Express Airlines, the 80s low-cost carrier reborn in 2014.  Then Jerry shifts gears and they talk about the great hipster crisis... all kale is genetically-modified!!!!  Then they turn their attention to a series of contrasting issues:  Ted Cruz getting booed by grandstanders who accuse him of grandstanding. Ray Rice's prosecutor gives him no jail time, but is throwing the book at a single mother (who happens to be black) for doing the right thing in the wrong place.  And President Obama wants to #TackleEbola by committing US troops to the task.

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The LangerCast is live from the offices of FanFreedom this week! We're joined by David Spielman and Chris Thomas (and intern John).  We do a bit of housekeeping with regards to the RELM network.  Then David and Chris talk about the latest with FanFreedom, and David's love of the Philadelphia Eagles.  We discuss the newest chapter in the IRS scandal... the DOJ apparenty "drunk dialing" Chairman Issa's office! Then we chat about Pastor Joel Osteen, and blogger Matt Walsh's take on his ministry.  Finally, all of us share our memories of 9-11 (and shed more than a few tears), and put it in the context of the ISIS crisis.

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The latest episode finds Andrew and Jerry in their respective studios.  They break down their respective weekends (after visits from Booger, Nudge, and Special Ed), and Producer Charlie decides to literally ride shotgun with the studio equipment.  An in-depth discussion of ISIS follows, in which they talk about the real threat and offer some thought on how to counter it.  Then they discuss the breaking story of the stolen nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other Hollywood stars.  Andrew calls it assault, and Jerry sees it as yet another example of the decay of society.  They finish by exposing a charlatan named "Mike Dickinson" the Democrat's non-candidate for Congress in Virigina.  Is he the reincarnation of Daniel Vovak?  The next Howard Stern?  Or a poor-man's Cenk Uygur?  They lay it out - you decide!

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This week, Jerry and Andrew are live from the NRANews Bunker, and they're joined by a voice from the LangerCast Past, former co-host John Popp!  They talk half-smokes, Langer's shameless self-promotion (hat tip to Greg Kline), Isis and the hypocrisy of attempting to advocate for the rule of law, the IRS is too lazy to produce their emails, and they talk about why they didn't have a live show in DC this week!

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This week, in HIGH FIDELITY!  Andrew tries out the new set-up, and the audio quality is back!  They make the big LIVE SHOW announcement, August 27th at the Hawk and Dove on Capitol Hill, 7pm.  Then they talk about Ferguson, ferreting out what it is they don't know about what's happening on the ground.  They talk about the latest ham sandwich to be indicted in Texas, this time named Governor Rick Perry.  Finally, (after some vague references during the show), Andrew defends the concept of vanity plates, responding to criticism from RedMaryland's Greg Kline earlier this week.

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Jerry's back from Hilton Head, and we break down his trip home---and learn another bit of Rogers' historic lore.  Did Jerry's Dad sing with, or beat up, the members of a major doo-wop group.  Andrew tells his travel adventures from last week, and we debate whether 'tis better to be a prisoner of public transportation or stuck in your own car in endless traffic.  More crony capitalism is discussed, as we talk about the latest expose on billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer.  Then we pay tribute to Robin Williams, talk about how his too-soon death can bring folks together, and how goodwill gets squandered.

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This week's LangerCast has Jerry joining from the beach, Andrew in the Williamsburg studios.  We delve into just what it means for a family of 7 (plus dog) to drive from South Carolina to DC.  Andrew talks about the down-side to empty waterparks - and explains how he thinks his wife pulled the infamous Jedi Mind Trick on him!.  Then the boys break down the spectacle that is DC's Congress-person, Eleanor Holmes Norton, and her sycophantry when it comes to the White House.  Do we need a constitutional amendment to reign in executive power?  Jerry and Andrew revisit the Gaza issue in light of Secretary of State John Kerry's major weekend blunders.  Then they talk live appearances and summer schedules!

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The guys are back... Andrew from his trips across the US and Jerry from his trip across Montgomery County.  They break down FreedomFest (best. FreedomFest. EVER!), and Andrew's quick trip to El Paso to take on the CFPB.  Then they talk overcriminalization and whether or not there is a real uptick in police brutality, and how the public videotaping police is a good thing.  They talk about the Israel's latest attempt to defend itself, and whether progressive anti-zionism is really a form of anti-semitism.  And Andrew gives an update on "I. Donadio."

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This week's LangerCast finds Andrew and Jerry experimenting with new techology--and having a wide-ranging discussion in doing so.  After recapping their Independence Day festivities, Jerry and Andrew delve into a subject that Jerry had mentioned in prior weeks, the concept of "ordered" liberty.  They discuss this in the context of the New York Times' questioning of whether putting a period after "pursuit of happiness" changes the meaning of the Declaration of Independence--and how the left is trying to rewrite the American narrative.  They talk about how this all relates to the death of common sense in politics and policy, while revisiting last week's Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court, and Andrew talks about Dinesh D'Souza's new film, America:  Imagine a World Without Her. They touch on the crisis surrounding illegal immigration on our southern border, and talk about perceived tensions between libertarians and christian conservatives!

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Andrew and Jerry are live from the offices of Cove Strategies, home of the new Chairman of the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp.  They ease Matt into his first podcast interview EVER and discuss the future of ACU and CPAC.  Then they break down more failures in governance and talk about the stunning Supreme Court decisions of the week before.  Finally, they take a look into cinematic history, talking about the 25th Anniversary of Do the Right Thing, the upcoming Planet of the Apes release (and they wax nostalgic about Apes TV of times past), and Andrew talks about "The Purge" - will he go see the sequel?  Listen and find out!

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Andrew and Jerry are back at the Hawk and Dove - we get a recap of Andrew's move to the Old Dominion and Jerry extols the virtues of the Garden State.  We get the latest on the creepiness that is Barry "It Was Me" Donadio.  Then Jerry and Andrew have a wide-ranging discussion on cronyism, the collapse of the rule of law in America, are all the scandals playing into America's collective ADHD, the latest on the IRS, and a lengthy discussion on immigration reform.  Are we now in an era where we are governed by agenda?  Tune into this week's LangerCast!


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Andrew and Jerry are joined live in studio by George Landrith from Frontiers of Freedom.  They talk immigration reform, national security, Frontiers' Reagan Dinner, with special guest, Gary Sinise!  In this week's CronyWatch, Jerry draws the line from crony capitalism to Susan Rice.  Then the LangerCast announces it's "Define Jerdomoism!" contest - talking about more craziness from the Harpy and her Lickspittle, and an update on Mr. "It Was Me" and his local race.

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The latest LangerCast starts with Andrew explaining to Jerry (and the audience) about his "Rosebud Peas" clip from last week.  We meet Jerry's daughter, Bridget, and talk about the weekend festivities.  Then Jerry and Andrew break down the backwards science in President Obama's climate initiative, and the left's fear-mongering when it comes to GMO crops.  They then talk about the rash of resignations and the fishiness of Bowe Bergdahl trade.  Finally, Andrew talks about MORE local drama - reading a speech from a candidate for local office, and what really qualifies someone to hold an elective office.

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We're back from our travels! Jerry and Andrew get caught up, then introduce a new feature: Crony Watch! The war on online gambling is discussed, and we break down Republican hypocrisy! We then turn to the mass murders in California,  talk about the death of culture and the role of parenting in all this. Then we talk about the latest bit of Obama administration incompetence:the outing of a CIA Station Chief and how that impacts the situation in Ukraine. Finally,  we see the return of the LangerCast mailbag and celebrate the birthday of a fan!

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In our latest Langer Cast, Jerry and Andrew break down the imbalance of coverage of billionaire money in left-wing politics. They find it troubling that the Obamas can't talk about a world crisis without making it about themselves.  And Andrew offers his strategy for the Ukraine, using America's involvement in Korea as his guide.  We're joined by our first studio audience, and after talking about Mother's Day, we tell the first of many heart-warming stories of Jerry getting into fights.

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Andrew and Jerry are live once again from the Hawk and Dove! Andrew and Jerry talk about childhood experiences in the Bronx, they debate the spectacle that is the White House Correspondents' Dinner, they talk about government accountability and the Select Committee Investigating Benghazi, and then they talk about the protests at Rutgers over Condoleezza Rice's commencement address, and how this fits into the context of the Donald Sterling scandal!

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Andrew and Jerry are live, once again, from the Hawk and Dove on Capitol Hill.  They celebrate the birth of Jerry's new son, Andrew talks about his Swan Song at the Maryland Republican Party.  They chat about genetically-modified foods, and the promotion of fear over science.  Andrew talks about the latest target in Operation Choke Point: Porn, and then they break down the Bundy Ranch situation, allegations of racism, and the history of western lands.

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Langer and Jerry are live from Capitol Hill in a potentially semi-permanent locale, the Hawk and Dove! They're joined by Julie Gunlock from the Independent Womens' Forum, and they talk about parenting, genetically-modified foods, and one California town's war on Siriacha.  Andrew and Julie recap the screening of Captain America: Winter Soldier they attended, and Andrew let's out the secret of a great "Easter Egg" contained in the film.
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Langer and Jerry are live from the offices of the Competitive Enterprise Institute! They talk Captain America, the impending Baby Rogers, the impending Langer move.  Langer has a new soundboard, and he gives it a test drive. Then they talk to Ryan Radia about tech issues and the Comcast/Time Warner merger, Angela Logomasini about chemical risk and her new book, and Sam Kazman about current lawsuits over Obamacare!

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Commitment, Opening Day, and American Encore:  Langer and Jerry are live from the offices of American Encore! They sit down with Sean Noble and talk about the IRS' war on free speech, American Exceptionalism, and whether the Dodgers will go all the way this year. Then American Commitment's Phil Kerpen makes a surprise appearance. He talks about his love of the Mets, and how this war on speech goes far beyond the IRS.  Then the three of them make their pics for MLB's 2014 season!
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Langer is joined in studio by his buddy, Jerry, and the two of them break down St Pats traditions, Andrew's birthday weekend, and how to cook ribs. On the Weekly Docket, crony capitalism continues to rear its ugly head, and Andrew announces a major event in May.

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With Popp kept busy making sure NRANews could actually transmit, it left Langer free to make mischief at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference.  Eight, count 'em, Eight interviews - Gov. Bob Ehrlich, Daniel Hannan, member of the European Parliament, Scottie Hughes from Tea Party News Network, Tabitha Hale from Rare.US, Matt Kibbe from Freedomworks, Lisa DePasquale (author of Finding Mr. Righteous), Tom Pyle from the Institute for Energy Research, and Star of TV's "Dallas", Morgan Brittany!

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Episode 3 finds our hosts in separate locales due to the March Madness Snow Storm in DC.  John talks about his trip, as Friar Tuck, to Medieval Times and Andrew recaps his Trivia Hosting Debuts.  CPAC, the biggest conservative conference of the year, is later this week, and Langer & Popp break it down.  More social media etiquette as Andrew talks about the reactions to his stint on WBAL and they talk about Arizona SB 1062.  And the Ukraine... the guys talk about what should be done.

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Langer and Popp had so much fun on Episode 1 that they decide to return for a second one!  Andrew plumbs the depths of social media, and tells a story of just how horrible people can be.  Their #1 Fan declines the honor, which leads to a discussion of the Winter Olympics..  The Weekly Docket brings talk of the IRS and the Tea Party's 5th Anniversary.  John talks of cased meat adventures, and the guys honor the late, great Harold Ramis.

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