The Langer Cast

Langer is joined in studio by his buddy, Jerry, and the two of them break down St Pats traditions, Andrew's birthday weekend, and how to cook ribs. On the Weekly Docket, crony capitalism continues to rear its ugly head, and Andrew announces a major event in May.

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With Popp kept busy making sure NRANews could actually transmit, it left Langer free to make mischief at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference.  Eight, count 'em, Eight interviews - Gov. Bob Ehrlich, Daniel Hannan, member of the European Parliament, Scottie Hughes from Tea Party News Network, Tabitha Hale from Rare.US, Matt Kibbe from Freedomworks, Lisa DePasquale (author of Finding Mr. Righteous), Tom Pyle from the Institute for Energy Research, and Star of TV's "Dallas", Morgan Brittany!

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Episode 3 finds our hosts in separate locales due to the March Madness Snow Storm in DC.  John talks about his trip, as Friar Tuck, to Medieval Times and Andrew recaps his Trivia Hosting Debuts.  CPAC, the biggest conservative conference of the year, is later this week, and Langer & Popp break it down.  More social media etiquette as Andrew talks about the reactions to his stint on WBAL and they talk about Arizona SB 1062.  And the Ukraine... the guys talk about what should be done.

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