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Andrew and Jerry are live, once again, from the Hawk and Dove on Capitol Hill.  They celebrate the birth of Jerry's new son, Andrew talks about his Swan Song at the Maryland Republican Party.  They chat about genetically-modified foods, and the promotion of fear over science.  Andrew talks about the latest target in Operation Choke Point: Porn, and then they break down the Bundy Ranch situation, allegations of racism, and the history of western lands.

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Langer and Jerry are live from Capitol Hill in a potentially semi-permanent locale, the Hawk and Dove! They're joined by Julie Gunlock from the Independent Womens' Forum, and they talk about parenting, genetically-modified foods, and one California town's war on Siriacha.  Andrew and Julie recap the screening of Captain America: Winter Soldier they attended, and Andrew let's out the secret of a great "Easter Egg" contained in the film.
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Langer and Jerry are live from the offices of the Competitive Enterprise Institute! They talk Captain America, the impending Baby Rogers, the impending Langer move.  Langer has a new soundboard, and he gives it a test drive. Then they talk to Ryan Radia about tech issues and the Comcast/Time Warner merger, Angela Logomasini about chemical risk and her new book, and Sam Kazman about current lawsuits over Obamacare!

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Commitment, Opening Day, and American Encore:  Langer and Jerry are live from the offices of American Encore! They sit down with Sean Noble and talk about the IRS' war on free speech, American Exceptionalism, and whether the Dodgers will go all the way this year. Then American Commitment's Phil Kerpen makes a surprise appearance. He talks about his love of the Mets, and how this war on speech goes far beyond the IRS.  Then the three of them make their pics for MLB's 2014 season!
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