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We're back from our travels! Jerry and Andrew get caught up, then introduce a new feature: Crony Watch! The war on online gambling is discussed, and we break down Republican hypocrisy! We then turn to the mass murders in California,  talk about the death of culture and the role of parenting in all this. Then we talk about the latest bit of Obama administration incompetence:the outing of a CIA Station Chief and how that impacts the situation in Ukraine. Finally,  we see the return of the LangerCast mailbag and celebrate the birthday of a fan!

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In our latest Langer Cast, Jerry and Andrew break down the imbalance of coverage of billionaire money in left-wing politics. They find it troubling that the Obamas can't talk about a world crisis without making it about themselves.  And Andrew offers his strategy for the Ukraine, using America's involvement in Korea as his guide.  We're joined by our first studio audience, and after talking about Mother's Day, we tell the first of many heart-warming stories of Jerry getting into fights.

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Andrew and Jerry are live once again from the Hawk and Dove! Andrew and Jerry talk about childhood experiences in the Bronx, they debate the spectacle that is the White House Correspondents' Dinner, they talk about government accountability and the Select Committee Investigating Benghazi, and then they talk about the protests at Rutgers over Condoleezza Rice's commencement address, and how this fits into the context of the Donald Sterling scandal!

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