The Langer Cast
Andrew and Jerry are back at the Hawk and Dove - we get a recap of Andrew's move to the Old Dominion and Jerry extols the virtues of the Garden State.  We get the latest on the creepiness that is Barry "It Was Me" Donadio.  Then Jerry and Andrew have a wide-ranging discussion on cronyism, the collapse of the rule of law in America, are all the scandals playing into America's collective ADHD, the latest on the IRS, and a lengthy discussion on immigration reform.  Are we now in an era where we are governed by agenda?  Tune into this week's LangerCast!


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Andrew and Jerry are joined live in studio by George Landrith from Frontiers of Freedom.  They talk immigration reform, national security, Frontiers' Reagan Dinner, with special guest, Gary Sinise!  In this week's CronyWatch, Jerry draws the line from crony capitalism to Susan Rice.  Then the LangerCast announces it's "Define Jerdomoism!" contest - talking about more craziness from the Harpy and her Lickspittle, and an update on Mr. "It Was Me" and his local race.

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The latest LangerCast starts with Andrew explaining to Jerry (and the audience) about his "Rosebud Peas" clip from last week.  We meet Jerry's daughter, Bridget, and talk about the weekend festivities.  Then Jerry and Andrew break down the backwards science in President Obama's climate initiative, and the left's fear-mongering when it comes to GMO crops.  They then talk about the rash of resignations and the fishiness of Bowe Bergdahl trade.  Finally, Andrew talks about MORE local drama - reading a speech from a candidate for local office, and what really qualifies someone to hold an elective office.

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