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This week's LangerCast has Jerry joining from the beach, Andrew in the Williamsburg studios.  We delve into just what it means for a family of 7 (plus dog) to drive from South Carolina to DC.  Andrew talks about the down-side to empty waterparks - and explains how he thinks his wife pulled the infamous Jedi Mind Trick on him!.  Then the boys break down the spectacle that is DC's Congress-person, Eleanor Holmes Norton, and her sycophantry when it comes to the White House.  Do we need a constitutional amendment to reign in executive power?  Jerry and Andrew revisit the Gaza issue in light of Secretary of State John Kerry's major weekend blunders.  Then they talk live appearances and summer schedules!

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The guys are back... Andrew from his trips across the US and Jerry from his trip across Montgomery County.  They break down FreedomFest (best. FreedomFest. EVER!), and Andrew's quick trip to El Paso to take on the CFPB.  Then they talk overcriminalization and whether or not there is a real uptick in police brutality, and how the public videotaping police is a good thing.  They talk about the Israel's latest attempt to defend itself, and whether progressive anti-zionism is really a form of anti-semitism.  And Andrew gives an update on "I. Donadio."

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This week's LangerCast finds Andrew and Jerry experimenting with new techology--and having a wide-ranging discussion in doing so.  After recapping their Independence Day festivities, Jerry and Andrew delve into a subject that Jerry had mentioned in prior weeks, the concept of "ordered" liberty.  They discuss this in the context of the New York Times' questioning of whether putting a period after "pursuit of happiness" changes the meaning of the Declaration of Independence--and how the left is trying to rewrite the American narrative.  They talk about how this all relates to the death of common sense in politics and policy, while revisiting last week's Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court, and Andrew talks about Dinesh D'Souza's new film, America:  Imagine a World Without Her. They touch on the crisis surrounding illegal immigration on our southern border, and talk about perceived tensions between libertarians and christian conservatives!

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Andrew and Jerry are live from the offices of Cove Strategies, home of the new Chairman of the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp.  They ease Matt into his first podcast interview EVER and discuss the future of ACU and CPAC.  Then they break down more failures in governance and talk about the stunning Supreme Court decisions of the week before.  Finally, they take a look into cinematic history, talking about the 25th Anniversary of Do the Right Thing, the upcoming Planet of the Apes release (and they wax nostalgic about Apes TV of times past), and Andrew talks about "The Purge" - will he go see the sequel?  Listen and find out!

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