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This week, Jerry and Andrew are live from the NRANews Bunker, and they're joined by a voice from the LangerCast Past, former co-host John Popp!  They talk half-smokes, Langer's shameless self-promotion (hat tip to Greg Kline), Isis and the hypocrisy of attempting to advocate for the rule of law, the IRS is too lazy to produce their emails, and they talk about why they didn't have a live show in DC this week!

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This week, in HIGH FIDELITY!  Andrew tries out the new set-up, and the audio quality is back!  They make the big LIVE SHOW announcement, August 27th at the Hawk and Dove on Capitol Hill, 7pm.  Then they talk about Ferguson, ferreting out what it is they don't know about what's happening on the ground.  They talk about the latest ham sandwich to be indicted in Texas, this time named Governor Rick Perry.  Finally, (after some vague references during the show), Andrew defends the concept of vanity plates, responding to criticism from RedMaryland's Greg Kline earlier this week.

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Jerry's back from Hilton Head, and we break down his trip home---and learn another bit of Rogers' historic lore.  Did Jerry's Dad sing with, or beat up, the members of a major doo-wop group.  Andrew tells his travel adventures from last week, and we debate whether 'tis better to be a prisoner of public transportation or stuck in your own car in endless traffic.  More crony capitalism is discussed, as we talk about the latest expose on billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer.  Then we pay tribute to Robin Williams, talk about how his too-soon death can bring folks together, and how goodwill gets squandered.

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