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In this special, less-than-fifteen minute long supplement to this week's LangerCast, Andrew and Jerry revisit some allegations levied by Melanie Sloan of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) against Andrew and the Institute for Liberty, in light of some new allegations against Sloan and CREW reported by the Daily Caller today!

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It's a jam-packed LangerCast this week, and Andrew and Jerry draw a lot of contrasts.  First, we hear the story of Producer Charlie's run-in with a copperhead in his backyard!  Then, Andrew gives his review of the reboot of People Express Airlines, the 80s low-cost carrier reborn in 2014.  Then Jerry shifts gears and they talk about the great hipster crisis... all kale is genetically-modified!!!!  Then they turn their attention to a series of contrasting issues:  Ted Cruz getting booed by grandstanders who accuse him of grandstanding. Ray Rice's prosecutor gives him no jail time, but is throwing the book at a single mother (who happens to be black) for doing the right thing in the wrong place.  And President Obama wants to #TackleEbola by committing US troops to the task.

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The LangerCast is live from the offices of FanFreedom this week! We're joined by David Spielman and Chris Thomas (and intern John).  We do a bit of housekeeping with regards to the RELM network.  Then David and Chris talk about the latest with FanFreedom, and David's love of the Philadelphia Eagles.  We discuss the newest chapter in the IRS scandal... the DOJ apparenty "drunk dialing" Chairman Issa's office! Then we chat about Pastor Joel Osteen, and blogger Matt Walsh's take on his ministry.  Finally, all of us share our memories of 9-11 (and shed more than a few tears), and put it in the context of the ISIS crisis.

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The latest episode finds Andrew and Jerry in their respective studios.  They break down their respective weekends (after visits from Booger, Nudge, and Special Ed), and Producer Charlie decides to literally ride shotgun with the studio equipment.  An in-depth discussion of ISIS follows, in which they talk about the real threat and offer some thought on how to counter it.  Then they discuss the breaking story of the stolen nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other Hollywood stars.  Andrew calls it assault, and Jerry sees it as yet another example of the decay of society.  They finish by exposing a charlatan named "Mike Dickinson" the Democrat's non-candidate for Congress in Virigina.  Is he the reincarnation of Daniel Vovak?  The next Howard Stern?  Or a poor-man's Cenk Uygur?  They lay it out - you decide!

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