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It's the LangerCast pre-Midterm Election spectacular! The show starts with a phone call from "Uncle Artie" - Andrew's Dad, who talks about how the Bronx was forever changed by Central Planners. Andrew and Jerry make bold predictions for next week's elections, and have some pointers for those who want to lead in the lame duck session! They talk about Hillary Clinton's "Businesses Don't Create Jobs" statement, and what that says about competing world views.  Finally, Andrew talks about his family's tour of the Bronx last week, and Jerry and Andrew discuss Bronx culture, family life, and the importance of giving thanks.

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Andrew and Jerry are back in their respective studios this week - both with stories of homecomings gone well.  Andrew talks about how you can see the goodness of people, and Jerry talks about the first high school homecoming dance.  They talk about how politics and bad science has the potential to destroy food innovation--how regulation and subsidies distort the marketplace and discourage inventiveness.  They circle back to the issue of speech, beliefs, and government intrusion, talking about the Houston Pastor Subpoena story, as well as the wedding chapel in Coeur D'alene.  Andrew offers a handy guide to how you balance rights, and Jerry offers somber thoughts on ordered liberty.
Finally, they break down the appointment of Ron Klain as Ebola Czar, not just explaining the problem with appointing a political hack to a serious job, but offering comparisons AND potential other candidates!


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Jerry and Andrew are back at the offices of Americans for Tax Reform, joined in studio by Julie Gunlock from the Independent Womens Forum.  Andrew tells his harrowing tale of Busch Gardens' Howl-O-Scream (and the aftermath).  Then when Julie joins they talk food policy, GMOs, and Michelle Obama dancing with a turnip!  They talk Ebola, public health, and making enemies, and after Julie departs Andrew and Jerry talk about free speech and the bizarre case of Houston Pastors having their sermons subpoenaed by the city.

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This week, Andrew and Jerry are live from the studios of OneAmerica News! A special message goes out to one of the LangerCast's most-dedcated fans.  Andrew talks about slugging, and the dumbest things he's ever read. They talk about the mishandling of the global ebola crisis, and Jerry exposes the myths in the latest US unemployment numbers. Then they talk about why they are of two minds regarding the video ambush of Lois Lerner, and how to think about politics and policy as though it were strategizing for the post-season.

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We're back from a week off, with tales of travel, illness, and worshipping at the House that Jeter Built.  Live from Americans for Tax Reform, we're joined by Michi Iljazi from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance.  We celebrate #2, talk about Jerry's piece in the Daily Caller about GMOs, and then chat about what the TPA is all about.  Extensive discussion of the war on free speech and Operation Choke Point, and Michi (a runner up for one of the 50 hottest on the Hill) impresses us with his obscure knowlege of films and 80s music!

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