The Langer Cast
A massive and packed LangerCast this week--with no upfront filler!  We start with the SNL "I'm Just An Executive Order" skit, and then immediately have a discussion of Ferguson. What's going to happen next?  What opportunities did President Obama miss?  How can left and right come together?  Jerry and Andrew talk about the grand jury process, and come to some slightly different conclusions.
Then we talk about the President's Executive order on Immigration, and the Rule of Law.  Andrew gives some background on Jonathan Turley - did you know he sued the Department of Defense over environmental crimes at Area 51?  Andrew talks about the case - and they then talk about the transformation of the progressive movement from being anti-authoritarian to being supportive of the increased state.
Then there's talk of Crony Capitalism and a coalition letter that IFL joined that is getting a tremendous amount of attention -- and Andrew and Jerry share a discussion of White Castle and City island.
More nostalgia for the Bronx, which leads to the case for Derek Jeter for US Senate in 2016.
Finally, Andrew talks about the return of Ms. Jerdomoism 2014, living rent free in the Lickspittle's head, the propriety of a newlywed being on social media the weekend after her wedding to trash talk someone else, and then the story of why Andrew severed his relationship with the Mike O'Meara show, brought on by a mention during Mike's impressionist eulogy of Marion Barry.
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The Latest Episode of the LangerCast starts with the #Gruber SuperCut--Andrew and Jerry break down the latest in the Gruber saga - and talk about what the responses to GruberGate tell us.  They talk about what Jerry termed the Senate's "Fail Mary" play, the attempt to pass KeystoneXL pipeline legislation. How does this fit into America's energy policy--and, more to the point, was this just a craven exercise in political kabuki theater.  Then they get into crony capitalism, talking about online gaming, but also the greater context of how left and right can come together.  Call it cronyism, call it corporate welfare, the point is, regardless of which party does it, its wrong.  They also talk about Interstellar, the Aviator... they're joined by producer Charlie and one of Jerry's daughters!

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Andrew and Jerry are back at One America News, joined once again by Michi Iljazi from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance! Jerry tells tales of his sister's wedding, and Andrew recounts the story of speaking at his high school.  Then the three of them break down last week's election.  What really happened with voter turnout - and what are the takeaways from last week?  They talk about executive branch over-reach, and the President deciding to completely ignore last week's election results. You've heard about Jonathan Gruber?  Get the inside scoop on how a major architect of Obamacare lied to the American public, and just how much contempt he has for voters!  What's the story with Net Neutrality, and President Obama's negotiations with China?  Then Michi fills us in on what TPA is up to... were you aware that the US Postal Service is delivering GROCERIES?  Andrew sure wasn't!  Then a brief tribute to Sugarhill Gang's Big Bank Hank!

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Andrew and Jerry are live from the American Conservative Union's Election Night Party!  They're joined by former ACU Chairman Al Cardenas, who talks about the importance of being FOR people.  Adam Schaeffer from Evolve Strategies talks about getting beyond mere messaging and into how one can actually make a case for positive change.  CEI President Lawson Bader sits on the couch to talk kilts, the Story of Scotch, and CEI's Obamacare lawsuits.  Then we're joined by Sabrina Schaeffer from the Independent Women's Forum to talk about IWF's new book!  A special mystery guest, Bryan Wilkes (one of Andrew's best friends, and witness to the Busch Gardens Howl O' Scream Shenanigans) drops in for an appearance.
Finally, party host Dan Schneider, the current Executive Director of the ACU, sits down to talk about the work that he, Matt Schlapp (ACU's new chairman) and the ACU team are doing to make ACU and CPAC even better!
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