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For your holiday enjoyment, Andrew and Jerry present their crossover episode with the guys from RedMaryland Radio: Greg Kline, Brian Griffiths and Mark Newgent, live from the Maryland Republican Party's Fall Convention!  We talk to party chair Diana Waterman, National Committeewoman Nicolee Ambrose, and a cast of thousands stop by!

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Andrew and Jerry are live from the library of Americans for Tax Reform! 
They break down the report on the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques, and talk about the balancing act between liberty and security.
Then they break down the "Cromnibus" - the massive spending bill about to be passed by Congress.  They're joined by Peter Roff from US News and World Report, who offers some positive thoughts on this, and how it fits into an overall government reform strategy.
Finally, they talk Operation Choke Point, and the overall issue of abuse of power.  House Government Reform and Oversight presents a stunning indictment of abuse of power by FDIC, and Peter Roff talks about his recent pieces on protesting and Eric Garner.  What happens when you turn public safety officers into government tax collectors?
All this, with Andrew and Jerry playing trivia from a 1986 issue of Rolling Stone, and Peter Roff joining for a little music jingle trivia!
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Christmas time is here, and Andrew and Jerry have their soundtracks ready!  They discuss their live show with Red Maryland this Friday night, and announce a small LangerCast/Institute for Liberty victory on police body cameras!  This leads them into a greater discussion of Ferguson, the Tea Party, and the so-called "Racial Resentment Index".  Then they talk about immigration reform, and the national debt reaching 18 Trillion Dollars!

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