The Langer Cast
Live from Ben's Next Door in Washington, DC, it's a very special end-of-the-year LangerCast!  Jerry and Andrew are joined by comedian, pundit, and raconteur Tim Young, as well as Tim's incredibly funny friend, Lindsey Kolb!
We talk about the top stories of 2015, break down this week's GOP debate... Tim and Jerry make a bet over whether Trump gets out.  And it's a Beatles-rich LangerCast, as we play selections from their annual Christmas messages to fans!  Plus, we uncover an amazing hidden gem from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special!
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This week, the LangerCast breaks down the firestorm surrounding Donald Trump's call for a moratorium on muslim immigration, and we ask our listeners to pick the LangerCast Donald Trump Theme Song.  We talk guns and the gun debate in the wake of the San Bernardino terror attacks, and whether we can no longer have any kind of civil discourse.  Andrew tells about Maryland trying to collect an "exit tax" - and we talk about music--from George Harrison's post-Beatle work to music documentaries!

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We're back from Thanksgiving, and saying goodbye to an old LangerCast friend, as Michi Iliazi goes to start his new gig in a few weeks!  We get the latest from TPA, get is take on Spectre, and talk about our Thanksgiving fun, The Paris Climate Summit, and the Colorado Springs Shooting!

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Andrew and Jerry are joined once again by Brian Darling--and are visited (by phone) by Amelia Hamilton, who talks about her latest article about "safe spaces" and the collapse of adulthood on college campuses.  We talk about the attacks in Paris, and just what rights states have in refusing refugees... and Andrew and Jerry solve the problem of how to figure out which refugees to admit to the US.  Emails reveal that Hillary Clinton may have been confused about her job as Secretary of State, and we break down the latest in the presidential field...

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Andrew and Jerry break down what went down on the Mizzou campus this week, and what it says about America in 2015. They talk about how what VW owes to consumers ought to be calculated, discuss the winners and losers of the 4th GOP Presidential candidate debate, and the KeystoneXL decision and New York's investigation of Exxon..

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The LangerCast is Live from Mortons DC as we recap Tuesday's Election Results, and recognize that Election 2016 is exactly one year away! We're joined by former Rand Paul staffer Brian Darling and a mystery guest from the Conservative Review... the four of us break down what issues resonated with voters, what happened in Kentucky (and why), and talk about what this means for the 2016 presidential race.  Then Jerry and I talk about Trump's claim that he can get Mexico to pay for "the Wall"...

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We're live from Morton's in DC... and joined by Democrat strategist and advocacy expert Peter Mirijanian!  Peter breaks down last week's Democratic Debate, Joe Biden's decision to not run, and just what IS the outlook for HIllary Clinton.  He also handicaps the GOP field for us, in advance of this week's Republican debate.  Michi sits in for the 2nd half of the show and we talk the IRS, Benghazi, our predictions for the GOP field, whether the Beatles contributed anything to rock music and just how important were the Clash!

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Live from the Red Hot Room at the Hotel Rouge, Andrew and Jerry and Meech talk best Miami Vice episodes, the new Star Wars Trailer (and Jerry's preference of the original Star Trek and Enterprise over The Next Generation). They break down the Democratic Debate, Webb getting out, Biden getting in, and just who ARE these Lincoln Chafee supporters. They talk the Trump/Bush/Cruz kerfuffle, the war on science skepticism and climate, and they preview the Benghazi hearings (and discuss the Speaker's Race!)...

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Back from travels, Andrew and Jerry are joined in the ATR Bunker in the 3rd Chair by Michi Iliazi.  They talk baseball, the fallout from the Grand Rapids trip.  Michi gives us a TPA update - we talk patent trolls, online gambling, and Michi getting tossed from a meeting.  The Umqua shooting, and the reactions on both right and left, the race for speaker, and how narratives are forged.  Jerry gives some possible solutions, and Andrew talks about pushing back against a gun show ban in his home county in New York.  Finally, they talk Cruz and Climate, and the President of the Sierra Club pausing when talking about "The Pause".

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The LangerCast is live from the State Policy Network Annual Meeting!  Tales of AirBnB disasters, the Saga of the Jacket, Andrew is turned away at a Dueling Piano Bar!  Michi Iljazi sits in the 3rd Chair... and the guys are joined by Amelia Hamilton from Opportunity Lives, Kristina Ribali from the Foundation for Government Accountability, CEI's Greg Conko, Marina Minas from the American Media Institute, and Reagan Biographer and Pepperdine University Professor Steve Hayward!

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It's Episode 70 of the LangerCast.  We talk about the Pope's visit, Jerry has a nice chat with a Democratic star!  We talk the Mikado and political correctness run amok.  Congrats to friends on their successes, and in Hillary-watch we talk about Hillary losing the Washington Post, and what HRC, Obama and Trump all have in common!

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The show opens with a re-visit to last week's Stop the Iran Deal Rally... and were we wrong in our view of the Corker Bill?  Andrew duels Trump Trolls on Twitter, in advance of the debate, and then they break the CNN GOP Presidential Candidate Debate down in earnest.  They talk about the bush-league decision to force the candidates to react to Trump, which candidate was silent when the adults started talking seriously about policy.  Jerry has issues with Rand Paul and libertarians on social media, and both Jerry and Andrew declare separate winners (or do they?  hmmmmmmm).  Then they talk about the possible shut-down... and just what capitulating on issues means in the long term.  Finally, they break down the story of the 9th grader in Irving, Texas who brought in a home-made clock, and was arrested and suspended for it!

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Andrew and Jerry were live from the Tea Party Patriots' "Stop the Iran Deal" rally on Capitol Hill.  They start off at the Hotel George, discussing the latest with Hillary's email scandal and the latest "reboot" of her campaign.  Then they break down the Iran deal, and discuss Democrat stalwart Leon Panetta's op-ed voicing concerns with the deal--talking about the rule of law, and even tying it into the Wendy Davis situation.
Then they go to the rally (where Andrew helped emcee) and interview...  former Congressman Michele Bachmann, Matt Schlapp from the American Conserative Union, radio talk show host Mark Levin (interviewed, without introduction, by Jerry), Rep. Mo Brooks from Alabama, Rep. Lee Zeldin from New York, we get audio of Ted Cruz, and then Jerry and Andrew chat with a woman named Dierdre Flanagan, an Obama supporter, who tries to explain what the difference is between this "executive agreement" and a "treaty".
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We're back from vacation, telling tales of Texas and the Beach.  Andrew breaks down the greatest brisket he's ever had, and talks about his visit with Mike Black, one of the brothers who founded Terry Black's Barbecue, facing a legal assault from their unfriendly neighborhood trial lawyer.  We talk about the President's visit to Alaska, and the science of climate.  Martin O'Malley is facing scrutiny from the state of Maryland (and the Washington Post) over his "purchase" of furniture on his moving day.  We talk about the latest in Clintonland in our weekly Hillary Watch segment.  Then we talk about european migration--and Jerry puts a human face on the crisis.  We talk cops, and we talk Kentucky and gay marriage...

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The LangerCast opens Jerry-less as we start the show early with Phil Kerpen from American Committment.  We talk about the EPA's "Clean Power Grab", the destruction of a whole damn river, and when Jerry joins, the Amazin' Mets!
Then after Phil has to leave, we dial it back, and give a heartfelt tribute to Donors Trust founder, Whitney Ball, who passed away earlier this week.  Whitney's faith leads us to a discussion of Planned Parenthood and how the debate over abortion is framed.
We talk birthright citizenship - what does the 14th Amendment actually say, and does the Constitution have to be amended.  And then we talk about the latest with "Hillary Watch" - as HRC asks if Fox News' Ed Henry meant that if she wiped her server, did she do it with a cloth.
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The LangerCast is live this week from the Capitol Hill Bunker - with dueling Periscopes! Jerry and I are joined by Michi Iljazi from Taxpayers Protection Alliance in the third chair.  We talk Richmond Comic Con and Lillehammer, the latest on Hillary.  Michi makes a bold prediction about Trump possibly being a plant of the Clinton's, a claim supported by the Washington Post just hours later! We talk the GOP debates, the EPA's latest scheme to jack up energy prices, and the potential criminality of Planned Parenthood!

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We're back! Jerry and Andrew tell their tales of trips to the Tri-State Area.  A discussion of U2's Bono and his soul-searching over Ireland's Troubles.  We talk Iran, Trump, and the latest from Hillary Clinton.  The IRS may be held in contempt, and Andrew offers his solution to the problem of 10-way debates.  Finally, the erasing of history, and a Twitter battle with someone who opposes the mockery of Nazis that is Mel Brooks' "The Producers".

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Episode 63 finds Andrew in Virginia and Jerry in New Jersey.  Andrew breaks down FreedomFest and his trip to Vegas, while Jerry waxes poetic about both the Garden State and the All Star Game.  They talk about the myth that is the Iran nuclear "deal".  On this week's Hillary Watch, they discuss Sec. Clinton's lack of understanding about the modern economy, and why she's attacking Uber, the internet of things, and the sharing economy.  Then they talk about the lessons to be learned from the DC Metro stabbing murder on July 4th, and how that connects to the breaking story of Planned Parenthood selling body partys from aborted babies!

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The LangerCast kicks of Summer in style.  Live from Ben's Next Door, the bar at the Ben's Chili Bowl Food and Entertainment Complex, Andrew and Jerry are joined by Tim Young, Michi Iljazi, and Dr. Bailey Wood.  The wide ranging conversation breaks down the Supeme Court's King v. Burwell decision--and ties it in with the controversy over the Confederate Flag.  They talk TPA, Online Gambling, the Post Office Delivering Groceries--as well as summer movies and Ben's ubiquitous half-smoke!

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Courtesy of the of the kind folks at the Hotel Monaco DC, Jerry and I are live from the Tokyo Boardroom.  We talk summer strategies for kids, I give my review of "Love & Mercy".  Then it's Rachel Dolezal... is she a fraud? Or is racial identity a mutable social construct?  We talk trade - and break down the acronyms of TPA, TPP, TAA, TWA... Conservatives are being duped on trade. We break down the lies.  Finally, Hillary re-launches her campaign with a thud, and to quote the National Review in summing up the Donald's announcement: "witless ape rides escalator".

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The show begins with shout-outs to LangerCast fans, and an apology from Andrew to Jerry's Mom.  We break down what really happened in McKinney, TX, and tie it into bizarre libertarian hypocrisies.  We talk about the Tampa Bay Lightning's treatment of an Army Captain (in the context of the ticketing issue), revisit Mr. "It Was Me", and a converstation about the Supreme Court leads into an intense discussion of creationism!  Finally, we talk about "regular guy" Marco Rubio, and the boomerang effect of opposition research!

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This week, Andrew and Jerry break down the negativity surrounding the Cameron Crowe film, "Aloha" - talking about the death of civility and the sea-change in the goals of race relations in America.  Then we talk about Caitlyn Jenner, tying "her" transformation from Olympic hero to who "she" is today.  Then on this week's "Hillary Watch", we talk about the latest from the most tightly-controlled presidential campaign ever. Do journalists have an ethical obligation to stop covering Hillary's campaign?

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We're back from Memorial Day, and Andrew gives his review of Mad Max: Fury Road.  Rand Paul is dead to Jerry... but has he really tanked the entire GOP field for 2016?  Who knew that Hillary Clinton was an arms dealer?  Andrew and Jerry breakdown just how far off the rails Bernie Sanders' rhetoric is... and they sing the praises of the National Review's Kevin Williamson.  Then Jerry talks about online music and royalty payments!

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We kick off the summer season by wishing a happy birthday to one of the LangerCast's biggest fans, Code Name Maserati... and extend those greetings to the Who's Pete Townshend as well.  Big discussion of the Who's music--and whether a Who without Entwistle and Keith Moon can be called "The Who".  We talk about the latest with Hillary Clinton, the gift that keeps on giving, this time in the context of the Jack Abramoff Scandal. The fall of Ramadi is discussed, and the question gets asked about the spring offensive in Mosul.  We also discussion some more 9/11 Memories.  Then it's the FCC's role in the Amtrak 188 disaster, and generally how the FCC has delayed implementation of installation of Positive Train Control.  Finally, we have our Memorial Day plans, and we get a visit from two of the Rogers kids!

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Back from their travels, Andrew and Jerry talk about what's now one of their favorite shows, Veep.  They talk about the Amtrak disaster, and the ghoulish nature of political opportunism.  Then they introduce a new theme to Hillary Watch--and talk about the latest from the Clinton Campaign, the death of independent journalism, and just what this means for the future of politics. Birthday greetings to Yankee great Yogi Berra, and then they unpack the Pew poll on attitudes towards faith in America!

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Andrew and Jerry break down the Britt McHenry scandal, talk about their own experiences with towing companies in Arlington, VA and elsewhere, and tie this all in with the problems of crony capitalism!
Then they introduce their weekly "Hillary Watch" segment, and talk about how everything one needs to know about Hillary Clinton is there in black and white.  (The introduce their Hillary Watch theme, too!)
Then its a discussion of the latest on Iran, how the Bob Corker deal wasn't a good deal at all... and big congragulations to Erik Telford!
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Jerry and Andrew are back, with tales of Spring Break... and Jerry's birthday!
Hillary Clinton enters the race for the Presidency, and we handicap the race, now that Rand and Rubio have gotten in as well.  We talk about the latest affront to the free-range kids movement, and discuss whether or not Montgomery County, MD cops kidnapped the kids they were supposed to be protecting.
Then we open up the listener mailbag... and talk about just what's wrong with discourse in America today!
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In honor of Spring Break, Jerry and I are offering the final episode of our recordings at CPAC!  Jerry and I were joined in the 3rd Chair by Kerri Toloczko, IFL Plankowner for the entirety of the show, and RedMaryland founder (and member of the "Just Us" league, Brian Griffiths joins us as an "Act Between Acts".  We talk about the 1st 100 days of the Hogan Administration, and why Brian feels compelled to not just add gasoline to the fire, but to throw M-80s into it as well.
We're also joined by Rituparna Basu from the Ayn Rand Institute to talk about health care from the objectivist perspective.  Bill Jacobson from Cornell Law School and Legal Insurrection sits down to talk about LI's fantastic website!
Kristina Ribali, Senior Coaltions Director for the  Foundation for Government Accountability sits down for an update on their efforts, and then Scottie Nell Hughes from Fox News &  Fox Business, the Tea Party News Network, and the author of "Roar" sits down to talk about her book, and the conservative movement, and her fantastic shoes!
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Live from the Capitol Hill Bunker, Jerry and Andrew are joined by Tim Young from the American Conservative Union.  They talk about CPAC, Tim's stand-up career, and explore why the show is called "The LangerCast".  Then Andrew and Jerry talk about Indiana's RFRA law - what it really says, what it really does, why it isn't a license to discriminate, and why we're both disappointed with our libertarian friends on this.  Then, having sat patiently with her Dad, Jerry's daughter Bridget sits down at the 3rd mic.  They talk Star Trek, Marvel, is Superman lame, and favorite rock bands!

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Jerry and Andrew were live this week from the offices of Americans for Tax Reform.  We're joined in the first segment by Michi Iljazi, who fills us in on his new podcast, Loud Noises with Doug and Meech, as well as PhilFest, the charity event he did over the weekend to raise skin cancer awareness.
Then we break down the efforts on the left to further divide Americans by race, sex, class, beliefs.  Ted Cruz jumps into the presidential race, and this has people on the left _and_ the right positively foaming at the mouth.  Who was Pablo Cruise?  We find out...
Finally, we talk about discourse, and stories of charlatans on the right...
Lots of spring catharsis on this show!
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This week, Andrew and Jerry are live from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University!  They sit down with Dr. Bob Graboyes, Andrew's former NFIB colleague, to talk about health care reform--what IS the problem in America, and just how can we solve it?  Then the brilliance of Veronique DeRugy, Mercatus scholar and Reason contributor, dazzles the LangerCast.  Veronique breaks down the essence of crony capitalism that is the Export-Import Bank, and talks about why the Small Business Administration needs to be abolished.  We get to meet Dr. Matt Mitchell, who heads Mercatus' Center for the Defense of Capitalism Project, and talk about how innovation solves the world's problems.  Finally, we break down Hillary Clinton's email problem... and have a debate about whether Blurred Lines really copies Got To Give It Up, and is Wham's "Everything She Wants" the real imitator?

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We had to break down our Radio Row fun into two parts!  We're joined in the 3rd chair by Michi Iljazi from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, and then by Kerri Toloczko, Institute for Liberty "Plankowner"!
Then we're joined by special guests:
Ross Eisenberg - Vice President of Energy and Resources Policy, National Association of Manufacturers, talking about the move to drive up America's energy costs.
Jim Jamitis from Twitchy
Pete Sepp - National Taxpayers Union, talking tax simplification
Colin Hanna - Let Freedom Ring, talking "Sunset the Code"
Michael Brickman - National Policy Director of the Fordham Institute on Education Policy
Fred Smith from the Competitive Enterprise Institute on defending capitalism and life after presiding over CEI
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Andrew and Jerry are joined by David Spielman from FanFreedom, live from the Poker Players' Alliance CPAC 2015 Party!  They talk about the challenges facing poker players (and other gamers) around the country - both online and in real life!  David Williams from the Taxpayers' Protection Alliance Stops in and talks legislation.  PPA's own John Pappas sits down to talk about how cronyism is attempting to destroy poker in America.  The Michelle Minton from CEI sits in for the final two segments to talk about the war on sindustry generally!

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#CPAC2015 is about to start, and Jerry & Andrew are live from Radio Row!  They're joined in the 3rd Chair by show favorite Michi Iljazi - and Galt's Girl herself, Michelle Ray, stops in to panel for a few segments.  Andrew tells the story of his trials in getting to CPAC, and they discuss their expectations for the week.  Michi talks about TPA's efforts to push back against another green energy boondoggle.  Then they talk about the KeystoneXL veto, and just what that means for America.
Long discussion about Net Neutrality, and the idiocy from Tumblr CEO Paul Karp.  Then radio host John Fredericks comes in to talk about the Bob McDonnell prosecution, the Maureen McDonald sentencing, and his views on why these cases needed to be brought.
Finally, we talk about the DHS funding fight, and whether Mitch McConnell is folding like a cheap lawn chair!
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Andrew and Jerry are back in their Capitol Hill bunker!  They talk plans for CPAC and St. Patrick's Day.  Then they follow up on their terrorism discussion from last week.  What motivated the President to talk about the Crusades, and what's the danger in claiming the Paris kosher market attack was "random"?  Then they talk about recent Facebook discussions regarding atheism.  Finally, Andrew previews his testimony on free speech before the Federal Elections Commission!

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Jerry and Andrew are live from an undisclosed location on Capitol Hill - doing a bright and tight show!  They talk about Super Bowl weekend, the ongoing debate on Vaccinations (and science generally), the horrific ISIS video and the President doubling-down on doing nothing, and the surreality that is the budget proposed by the Obama Administration!  New live read commercials, shout-outs, and Andrew tells his tale of being mistaken for a Congressman!

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This week the LangerCast is live from Americans for Tax Reform, with special guests Michi Iljazi from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance and Lauren Luxenburg from Wison Perkins Opinion Research. They talk about what was learned from the 2014 elections--and why Larry Hogan won Maryland. Andrew gives his "lead pipe lock" prediction for the GOP's 2016 Presidential nominee, and lays out his case.  They talk about the continuing war on speech, and both TPA's and IFL's comments to the FEC.  Then they talk about the latest on Operation Choke Point and the Loretta Lynch nomination!

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It's the State of the Union, and the LangerCast watched so you didn't have to!  We're joined by the Gay Patriot, Bruce Carroll, friends from the American Conservative Union, and our old friend Cameron Gray!  We talk about whether or not the State of the Union is Kabuki Theater or Theater of the Absurd, introduce SOTU TL:DR, and lay out what we believe are the lies, half-truths, and misrepresentations contained in the speech.

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It's a jam-packed, over-stuffed, Carnegie-deli-sized LangerCast this week as we were live at Turning the Tides 2014! A crossover-episode with our friends from RedMaryland, we have a star-studded lineup of guests. We interview Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, about her new book, and get her thoughts on the acclaimed film, Selma.  We talk with Wayne Dupree about his show, and his panel at Turning the Tides with Sonnie Johnson. The Heritage Foundation's Ryan Nichols sits in and panels with us, talking about their efforts.  Our friend David Spielman from FanFreedom joins us, and we learn about what they're up to around the country.  And WMAL's Larry O'Connor makes a surprise appearance!

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The first LangerCast of 2015 opens with some housekeeping - a thanks to Derek Hunter and WBAL for letting them guest-host last week, their upcoming appearance at MDCAN this coming weekend in Annapolis, the release of Atlas Shrugged, Part III and Andrew being in the ad!
They then turn to #KirbyDelauter, the Maryland elected official who doesn't understand the First Amendment.  They talk about his threats against a local reporter, expound on free speech rights, and talk about your options in dealing with reporters.
Then they look at the swearing in of the new Congress, and the challenge (?) to John Boehner's speakership.  They touch on an issue of federally-backed "terrorism insurance"--is it cronyism or an obligation of the government?  Then they talk about the KeystoneXL debate, the impact of gas prices on the economy, and talk about climate science in the context of taxing carbon.
It's back to attacks on free speech, this time talking about the shootings at the Charlie-Hebdo headquarters in Paris.  Is it time to call out Islam, in the same way that the US called out and stood against Naziism and Communism?
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