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This week the LangerCast is live from Americans for Tax Reform, with special guests Michi Iljazi from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance and Lauren Luxenburg from Wison Perkins Opinion Research. They talk about what was learned from the 2014 elections--and why Larry Hogan won Maryland. Andrew gives his "lead pipe lock" prediction for the GOP's 2016 Presidential nominee, and lays out his case.  They talk about the continuing war on speech, and both TPA's and IFL's comments to the FEC.  Then they talk about the latest on Operation Choke Point and the Loretta Lynch nomination!

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It's the State of the Union, and the LangerCast watched so you didn't have to!  We're joined by the Gay Patriot, Bruce Carroll, friends from the American Conservative Union, and our old friend Cameron Gray!  We talk about whether or not the State of the Union is Kabuki Theater or Theater of the Absurd, introduce SOTU TL:DR, and lay out what we believe are the lies, half-truths, and misrepresentations contained in the speech.

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It's a jam-packed, over-stuffed, Carnegie-deli-sized LangerCast this week as we were live at Turning the Tides 2014! A crossover-episode with our friends from RedMaryland, we have a star-studded lineup of guests. We interview Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, about her new book, and get her thoughts on the acclaimed film, Selma.  We talk with Wayne Dupree about his show, and his panel at Turning the Tides with Sonnie Johnson. The Heritage Foundation's Ryan Nichols sits in and panels with us, talking about their efforts.  Our friend David Spielman from FanFreedom joins us, and we learn about what they're up to around the country.  And WMAL's Larry O'Connor makes a surprise appearance!

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The first LangerCast of 2015 opens with some housekeeping - a thanks to Derek Hunter and WBAL for letting them guest-host last week, their upcoming appearance at MDCAN this coming weekend in Annapolis, the release of Atlas Shrugged, Part III and Andrew being in the ad!
They then turn to #KirbyDelauter, the Maryland elected official who doesn't understand the First Amendment.  They talk about his threats against a local reporter, expound on free speech rights, and talk about your options in dealing with reporters.
Then they look at the swearing in of the new Congress, and the challenge (?) to John Boehner's speakership.  They touch on an issue of federally-backed "terrorism insurance"--is it cronyism or an obligation of the government?  Then they talk about the KeystoneXL debate, the impact of gas prices on the economy, and talk about climate science in the context of taxing carbon.
It's back to attacks on free speech, this time talking about the shootings at the Charlie-Hebdo headquarters in Paris.  Is it time to call out Islam, in the same way that the US called out and stood against Naziism and Communism?
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