The Langer Cast
#CPAC2015 is about to start, and Jerry & Andrew are live from Radio Row!  They're joined in the 3rd Chair by show favorite Michi Iljazi - and Galt's Girl herself, Michelle Ray, stops in to panel for a few segments.  Andrew tells the story of his trials in getting to CPAC, and they discuss their expectations for the week.  Michi talks about TPA's efforts to push back against another green energy boondoggle.  Then they talk about the KeystoneXL veto, and just what that means for America.
Long discussion about Net Neutrality, and the idiocy from Tumblr CEO Paul Karp.  Then radio host John Fredericks comes in to talk about the Bob McDonnell prosecution, the Maureen McDonald sentencing, and his views on why these cases needed to be brought.
Finally, we talk about the DHS funding fight, and whether Mitch McConnell is folding like a cheap lawn chair!
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Andrew and Jerry are back in their Capitol Hill bunker!  They talk plans for CPAC and St. Patrick's Day.  Then they follow up on their terrorism discussion from last week.  What motivated the President to talk about the Crusades, and what's the danger in claiming the Paris kosher market attack was "random"?  Then they talk about recent Facebook discussions regarding atheism.  Finally, Andrew previews his testimony on free speech before the Federal Elections Commission!

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Jerry and Andrew are live from an undisclosed location on Capitol Hill - doing a bright and tight show!  They talk about Super Bowl weekend, the ongoing debate on Vaccinations (and science generally), the horrific ISIS video and the President doubling-down on doing nothing, and the surreality that is the budget proposed by the Obama Administration!  New live read commercials, shout-outs, and Andrew tells his tale of being mistaken for a Congressman!

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