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Jerry and Andrew were live this week from the offices of Americans for Tax Reform.  We're joined in the first segment by Michi Iljazi, who fills us in on his new podcast, Loud Noises with Doug and Meech, as well as PhilFest, the charity event he did over the weekend to raise skin cancer awareness.
Then we break down the efforts on the left to further divide Americans by race, sex, class, beliefs.  Ted Cruz jumps into the presidential race, and this has people on the left _and_ the right positively foaming at the mouth.  Who was Pablo Cruise?  We find out...
Finally, we talk about discourse, and stories of charlatans on the right...
Lots of spring catharsis on this show!
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This week, Andrew and Jerry are live from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University!  They sit down with Dr. Bob Graboyes, Andrew's former NFIB colleague, to talk about health care reform--what IS the problem in America, and just how can we solve it?  Then the brilliance of Veronique DeRugy, Mercatus scholar and Reason contributor, dazzles the LangerCast.  Veronique breaks down the essence of crony capitalism that is the Export-Import Bank, and talks about why the Small Business Administration needs to be abolished.  We get to meet Dr. Matt Mitchell, who heads Mercatus' Center for the Defense of Capitalism Project, and talk about how innovation solves the world's problems.  Finally, we break down Hillary Clinton's email problem... and have a debate about whether Blurred Lines really copies Got To Give It Up, and is Wham's "Everything She Wants" the real imitator?

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We had to break down our Radio Row fun into two parts!  We're joined in the 3rd chair by Michi Iljazi from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, and then by Kerri Toloczko, Institute for Liberty "Plankowner"!
Then we're joined by special guests:
Ross Eisenberg - Vice President of Energy and Resources Policy, National Association of Manufacturers, talking about the move to drive up America's energy costs.
Jim Jamitis from Twitchy
Pete Sepp - National Taxpayers Union, talking tax simplification
Colin Hanna - Let Freedom Ring, talking "Sunset the Code"
Michael Brickman - National Policy Director of the Fordham Institute on Education Policy
Fred Smith from the Competitive Enterprise Institute on defending capitalism and life after presiding over CEI
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Andrew and Jerry are joined by David Spielman from FanFreedom, live from the Poker Players' Alliance CPAC 2015 Party!  They talk about the challenges facing poker players (and other gamers) around the country - both online and in real life!  David Williams from the Taxpayers' Protection Alliance Stops in and talks legislation.  PPA's own John Pappas sits down to talk about how cronyism is attempting to destroy poker in America.  The Michelle Minton from CEI sits in for the final two segments to talk about the war on sindustry generally!

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