The Langer Cast
Andrew and Jerry break down the Britt McHenry scandal, talk about their own experiences with towing companies in Arlington, VA and elsewhere, and tie this all in with the problems of crony capitalism!
Then they introduce their weekly "Hillary Watch" segment, and talk about how everything one needs to know about Hillary Clinton is there in black and white.  (The introduce their Hillary Watch theme, too!)
Then its a discussion of the latest on Iran, how the Bob Corker deal wasn't a good deal at all... and big congragulations to Erik Telford!
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Jerry and Andrew are back, with tales of Spring Break... and Jerry's birthday!
Hillary Clinton enters the race for the Presidency, and we handicap the race, now that Rand and Rubio have gotten in as well.  We talk about the latest affront to the free-range kids movement, and discuss whether or not Montgomery County, MD cops kidnapped the kids they were supposed to be protecting.
Then we open up the listener mailbag... and talk about just what's wrong with discourse in America today!
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In honor of Spring Break, Jerry and I are offering the final episode of our recordings at CPAC!  Jerry and I were joined in the 3rd Chair by Kerri Toloczko, IFL Plankowner for the entirety of the show, and RedMaryland founder (and member of the "Just Us" league, Brian Griffiths joins us as an "Act Between Acts".  We talk about the 1st 100 days of the Hogan Administration, and why Brian feels compelled to not just add gasoline to the fire, but to throw M-80s into it as well.
We're also joined by Rituparna Basu from the Ayn Rand Institute to talk about health care from the objectivist perspective.  Bill Jacobson from Cornell Law School and Legal Insurrection sits down to talk about LI's fantastic website!
Kristina Ribali, Senior Coaltions Director for the  Foundation for Government Accountability sits down for an update on their efforts, and then Scottie Nell Hughes from Fox News &  Fox Business, the Tea Party News Network, and the author of "Roar" sits down to talk about her book, and the conservative movement, and her fantastic shoes!
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Live from the Capitol Hill Bunker, Jerry and Andrew are joined by Tim Young from the American Conservative Union.  They talk about CPAC, Tim's stand-up career, and explore why the show is called "The LangerCast".  Then Andrew and Jerry talk about Indiana's RFRA law - what it really says, what it really does, why it isn't a license to discriminate, and why we're both disappointed with our libertarian friends on this.  Then, having sat patiently with her Dad, Jerry's daughter Bridget sits down at the 3rd mic.  They talk Star Trek, Marvel, is Superman lame, and favorite rock bands!

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