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We're back from Memorial Day, and Andrew gives his review of Mad Max: Fury Road.  Rand Paul is dead to Jerry... but has he really tanked the entire GOP field for 2016?  Who knew that Hillary Clinton was an arms dealer?  Andrew and Jerry breakdown just how far off the rails Bernie Sanders' rhetoric is... and they sing the praises of the National Review's Kevin Williamson.  Then Jerry talks about online music and royalty payments!

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We kick off the summer season by wishing a happy birthday to one of the LangerCast's biggest fans, Code Name Maserati... and extend those greetings to the Who's Pete Townshend as well.  Big discussion of the Who's music--and whether a Who without Entwistle and Keith Moon can be called "The Who".  We talk about the latest with Hillary Clinton, the gift that keeps on giving, this time in the context of the Jack Abramoff Scandal. The fall of Ramadi is discussed, and the question gets asked about the spring offensive in Mosul.  We also discussion some more 9/11 Memories.  Then it's the FCC's role in the Amtrak 188 disaster, and generally how the FCC has delayed implementation of installation of Positive Train Control.  Finally, we have our Memorial Day plans, and we get a visit from two of the Rogers kids!

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Back from their travels, Andrew and Jerry talk about what's now one of their favorite shows, Veep.  They talk about the Amtrak disaster, and the ghoulish nature of political opportunism.  Then they introduce a new theme to Hillary Watch--and talk about the latest from the Clinton Campaign, the death of independent journalism, and just what this means for the future of politics. Birthday greetings to Yankee great Yogi Berra, and then they unpack the Pew poll on attitudes towards faith in America!

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