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The LangerCast kicks of Summer in style.  Live from Ben's Next Door, the bar at the Ben's Chili Bowl Food and Entertainment Complex, Andrew and Jerry are joined by Tim Young, Michi Iljazi, and Dr. Bailey Wood.  The wide ranging conversation breaks down the Supeme Court's King v. Burwell decision--and ties it in with the controversy over the Confederate Flag.  They talk TPA, Online Gambling, the Post Office Delivering Groceries--as well as summer movies and Ben's ubiquitous half-smoke!

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Courtesy of the of the kind folks at the Hotel Monaco DC, Jerry and I are live from the Tokyo Boardroom.  We talk summer strategies for kids, I give my review of "Love & Mercy".  Then it's Rachel Dolezal... is she a fraud? Or is racial identity a mutable social construct?  We talk trade - and break down the acronyms of TPA, TPP, TAA, TWA... Conservatives are being duped on trade. We break down the lies.  Finally, Hillary re-launches her campaign with a thud, and to quote the National Review in summing up the Donald's announcement: "witless ape rides escalator".

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The show begins with shout-outs to LangerCast fans, and an apology from Andrew to Jerry's Mom.  We break down what really happened in McKinney, TX, and tie it into bizarre libertarian hypocrisies.  We talk about the Tampa Bay Lightning's treatment of an Army Captain (in the context of the ticketing issue), revisit Mr. "It Was Me", and a converstation about the Supreme Court leads into an intense discussion of creationism!  Finally, we talk about "regular guy" Marco Rubio, and the boomerang effect of opposition research!

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This week, Andrew and Jerry break down the negativity surrounding the Cameron Crowe film, "Aloha" - talking about the death of civility and the sea-change in the goals of race relations in America.  Then we talk about Caitlyn Jenner, tying "her" transformation from Olympic hero to who "she" is today.  Then on this week's "Hillary Watch", we talk about the latest from the most tightly-controlled presidential campaign ever. Do journalists have an ethical obligation to stop covering Hillary's campaign?

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