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We're back! Jerry and Andrew tell their tales of trips to the Tri-State Area.  A discussion of U2's Bono and his soul-searching over Ireland's Troubles.  We talk Iran, Trump, and the latest from Hillary Clinton.  The IRS may be held in contempt, and Andrew offers his solution to the problem of 10-way debates.  Finally, the erasing of history, and a Twitter battle with someone who opposes the mockery of Nazis that is Mel Brooks' "The Producers".

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Episode 63 finds Andrew in Virginia and Jerry in New Jersey.  Andrew breaks down FreedomFest and his trip to Vegas, while Jerry waxes poetic about both the Garden State and the All Star Game.  They talk about the myth that is the Iran nuclear "deal".  On this week's Hillary Watch, they discuss Sec. Clinton's lack of understanding about the modern economy, and why she's attacking Uber, the internet of things, and the sharing economy.  Then they talk about the lessons to be learned from the DC Metro stabbing murder on July 4th, and how that connects to the breaking story of Planned Parenthood selling body partys from aborted babies!

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