The Langer Cast
The LangerCast opens Jerry-less as we start the show early with Phil Kerpen from American Committment.  We talk about the EPA's "Clean Power Grab", the destruction of a whole damn river, and when Jerry joins, the Amazin' Mets!
Then after Phil has to leave, we dial it back, and give a heartfelt tribute to Donors Trust founder, Whitney Ball, who passed away earlier this week.  Whitney's faith leads us to a discussion of Planned Parenthood and how the debate over abortion is framed.
We talk birthright citizenship - what does the 14th Amendment actually say, and does the Constitution have to be amended.  And then we talk about the latest with "Hillary Watch" - as HRC asks if Fox News' Ed Henry meant that if she wiped her server, did she do it with a cloth.
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The LangerCast is live this week from the Capitol Hill Bunker - with dueling Periscopes! Jerry and I are joined by Michi Iljazi from Taxpayers Protection Alliance in the third chair.  We talk Richmond Comic Con and Lillehammer, the latest on Hillary.  Michi makes a bold prediction about Trump possibly being a plant of the Clinton's, a claim supported by the Washington Post just hours later! We talk the GOP debates, the EPA's latest scheme to jack up energy prices, and the potential criminality of Planned Parenthood!

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