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It's Episode 70 of the LangerCast.  We talk about the Pope's visit, Jerry has a nice chat with a Democratic star!  We talk the Mikado and political correctness run amok.  Congrats to friends on their successes, and in Hillary-watch we talk about Hillary losing the Washington Post, and what HRC, Obama and Trump all have in common!

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The show opens with a re-visit to last week's Stop the Iran Deal Rally... and were we wrong in our view of the Corker Bill?  Andrew duels Trump Trolls on Twitter, in advance of the debate, and then they break the CNN GOP Presidential Candidate Debate down in earnest.  They talk about the bush-league decision to force the candidates to react to Trump, which candidate was silent when the adults started talking seriously about policy.  Jerry has issues with Rand Paul and libertarians on social media, and both Jerry and Andrew declare separate winners (or do they?  hmmmmmmm).  Then they talk about the possible shut-down... and just what capitulating on issues means in the long term.  Finally, they break down the story of the 9th grader in Irving, Texas who brought in a home-made clock, and was arrested and suspended for it!

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Andrew and Jerry were live from the Tea Party Patriots' "Stop the Iran Deal" rally on Capitol Hill.  They start off at the Hotel George, discussing the latest with Hillary's email scandal and the latest "reboot" of her campaign.  Then they break down the Iran deal, and discuss Democrat stalwart Leon Panetta's op-ed voicing concerns with the deal--talking about the rule of law, and even tying it into the Wendy Davis situation.
Then they go to the rally (where Andrew helped emcee) and interview...  former Congressman Michele Bachmann, Matt Schlapp from the American Conserative Union, radio talk show host Mark Levin (interviewed, without introduction, by Jerry), Rep. Mo Brooks from Alabama, Rep. Lee Zeldin from New York, we get audio of Ted Cruz, and then Jerry and Andrew chat with a woman named Dierdre Flanagan, an Obama supporter, who tries to explain what the difference is between this "executive agreement" and a "treaty".
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We're back from vacation, telling tales of Texas and the Beach.  Andrew breaks down the greatest brisket he's ever had, and talks about his visit with Mike Black, one of the brothers who founded Terry Black's Barbecue, facing a legal assault from their unfriendly neighborhood trial lawyer.  We talk about the President's visit to Alaska, and the science of climate.  Martin O'Malley is facing scrutiny from the state of Maryland (and the Washington Post) over his "purchase" of furniture on his moving day.  We talk about the latest in Clintonland in our weekly Hillary Watch segment.  Then we talk about european migration--and Jerry puts a human face on the crisis.  We talk cops, and we talk Kentucky and gay marriage...

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