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We're live from Morton's in DC... and joined by Democrat strategist and advocacy expert Peter Mirijanian!  Peter breaks down last week's Democratic Debate, Joe Biden's decision to not run, and just what IS the outlook for HIllary Clinton.  He also handicaps the GOP field for us, in advance of this week's Republican debate.  Michi sits in for the 2nd half of the show and we talk the IRS, Benghazi, our predictions for the GOP field, whether the Beatles contributed anything to rock music and just how important were the Clash!

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Live from the Red Hot Room at the Hotel Rouge, Andrew and Jerry and Meech talk best Miami Vice episodes, the new Star Wars Trailer (and Jerry's preference of the original Star Trek and Enterprise over The Next Generation). They break down the Democratic Debate, Webb getting out, Biden getting in, and just who ARE these Lincoln Chafee supporters. They talk the Trump/Bush/Cruz kerfuffle, the war on science skepticism and climate, and they preview the Benghazi hearings (and discuss the Speaker's Race!)...

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Back from travels, Andrew and Jerry are joined in the ATR Bunker in the 3rd Chair by Michi Iliazi.  They talk baseball, the fallout from the Grand Rapids trip.  Michi gives us a TPA update - we talk patent trolls, online gambling, and Michi getting tossed from a meeting.  The Umqua shooting, and the reactions on both right and left, the race for speaker, and how narratives are forged.  Jerry gives some possible solutions, and Andrew talks about pushing back against a gun show ban in his home county in New York.  Finally, they talk Cruz and Climate, and the President of the Sierra Club pausing when talking about "The Pause".

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The LangerCast is live from the State Policy Network Annual Meeting!  Tales of AirBnB disasters, the Saga of the Jacket, Andrew is turned away at a Dueling Piano Bar!  Michi Iljazi sits in the 3rd Chair... and the guys are joined by Amelia Hamilton from Opportunity Lives, Kristina Ribali from the Foundation for Government Accountability, CEI's Greg Conko, Marina Minas from the American Media Institute, and Reagan Biographer and Pepperdine University Professor Steve Hayward!

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