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Andrew and Jerry are joined once again by Brian Darling--and are visited (by phone) by Amelia Hamilton, who talks about her latest article about "safe spaces" and the collapse of adulthood on college campuses.  We talk about the attacks in Paris, and just what rights states have in refusing refugees... and Andrew and Jerry solve the problem of how to figure out which refugees to admit to the US.  Emails reveal that Hillary Clinton may have been confused about her job as Secretary of State, and we break down the latest in the presidential field...

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Andrew and Jerry break down what went down on the Mizzou campus this week, and what it says about America in 2015. They talk about how what VW owes to consumers ought to be calculated, discuss the winners and losers of the 4th GOP Presidential candidate debate, and the KeystoneXL decision and New York's investigation of Exxon..

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The LangerCast is Live from Mortons DC as we recap Tuesday's Election Results, and recognize that Election 2016 is exactly one year away! We're joined by former Rand Paul staffer Brian Darling and a mystery guest from the Conservative Review... the four of us break down what issues resonated with voters, what happened in Kentucky (and why), and talk about what this means for the 2016 presidential race.  Then Jerry and I talk about Trump's claim that he can get Mexico to pay for "the Wall"...

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