The Langer Cast
Live from Ben's Next Door in Washington, DC, it's a very special end-of-the-year LangerCast!  Jerry and Andrew are joined by comedian, pundit, and raconteur Tim Young, as well as Tim's incredibly funny friend, Lindsey Kolb!
We talk about the top stories of 2015, break down this week's GOP debate... Tim and Jerry make a bet over whether Trump gets out.  And it's a Beatles-rich LangerCast, as we play selections from their annual Christmas messages to fans!  Plus, we uncover an amazing hidden gem from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special!
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This week, the LangerCast breaks down the firestorm surrounding Donald Trump's call for a moratorium on muslim immigration, and we ask our listeners to pick the LangerCast Donald Trump Theme Song.  We talk guns and the gun debate in the wake of the San Bernardino terror attacks, and whether we can no longer have any kind of civil discourse.  Andrew tells about Maryland trying to collect an "exit tax" - and we talk about music--from George Harrison's post-Beatle work to music documentaries!

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We're back from Thanksgiving, and saying goodbye to an old LangerCast friend, as Michi Iliazi goes to start his new gig in a few weeks!  We get the latest from TPA, get is take on Spectre, and talk about our Thanksgiving fun, The Paris Climate Summit, and the Colorado Springs Shooting!

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