The Langer Cast
84: The Donald Ducks
Jerry and Andrew tackle civil discourse this week... has partisan politics moved fully into cults of personality?  We talk Snowzilla, revisit the Maryland CD-6 GOP primary, and talk about Trump's decision to skip this week's Fox News debate!
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Live from the LangerCast RELMNetwork Snowpocalypse 2016 Weather Center, Andrew and Jerry tell tales of family cars, trips to the Bronx, and long lost friends and family.  They talk about the congressional race in Maryland's 6th District, and the curious incident of the front-running being a Martin O'Malley donor.  They talk about the latest Hillary Clinton woes and Bernie Sanders' terrific new ad.  Finally, they talk about the effort to "Dump Trump" and the defining characteristic of Trump supporters!

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Meech is back, joining Andrew and Jerry in the 3rd Chair as the LangerCast breaks down Obama's final State of the Union.  We explore the speech on a variety of levels - going from general impressions to specific points raised in the speech.  We pay tribute to David Bowie and declare Jerry to be "OUR Google!".  We give updates on the 2016 Primaries, and talk about Iran!

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The LangerCast is back from the holidays and better than ever. We trade stories of vacation fun, friends lost (and gained), and delve deeply into a world continuing to burn.  We talk about the President's announcement on guns, and what it really means.  What's behind the #OregonStandoff, and how we got here.  We talk Trump and primaries, North Korea and the H-Bomb, and the Saudi-Iran Conflict and what it means for oil!

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