The Langer Cast
The LangerCast is live from the offices of the American Conservative Union!  Andrew and Jerry are joined by ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp and Executive Director Dan Schneider... and they delve deeply into what remains the best political conference in America!  What goes into putting a conference of this size and magnitude together? What's not to be missed?  What does CPAC have in common with homeric lore?  What pop artist is Dan Schneider a super fan of?  Why is CPAC the must-attend conference for activist and political candidate alike?
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Andrew, Jerry and Michi are live from the voiceover studios of the OneAmerica News Network's DC Bureau!  A few housekeeping details, an apology about audio difficulties, and a discussion of whether Jerry should take his eldest to see "Deadpool!".  Michi talks about the FCC wanting to mandate new cable box rules, and then the boys jump in to a discussion of 2016 -- what happened at Saturday's debate, what may happen in South Carolina, and where it all went wrong.  Andrew opens a chat about whether we're seeing a replay of Germany in 1936, Italy of 1932, or New York of 1977... with a discussion of The Warriors, Fort Apache: The Bronx, and NY77: The Coolest Year in Hell.
Then it's onto the passing of Justice Scalia, what his legacy really is, and what ought to happen with the process to succeed him.  Jerry talks about why one shouldn't remove a jacket before getting into a fight, and Andrew gives birthday greetings to his Dad!
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It's the LangerCast NH Primary Spectactular, live from the Granite State Media Center in Manchester! Jerry and Andrew are joined by WMALs Larry O'Connor, Scottie Nell Hughes from CNN and Fox Business, and conservative hero (and fomer Mayor of Bogota, New Jersey), Steve Lonegan.  Done in two parts, Andrew & Jerry, along with their guests, break down what's happening in the Granite State, and make predictions as to the how the Democratic and GOP candidates will finish.  Then, Andrew and Jerry come back the morning after the primary, see how their predictions stacked up, and talk about what this all means going forward.

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It's the Iowa Caucus breakdown! Andrew and Jerry are live from the offices of American Commitment and joined by Founder & President Phil Kerpen.  Cruz won, Trump lost, and Hillary & Bernie had to go to multiple coin tosses to determine a winner. Does a 2nd place finish spell doom for Trump? Are things on the upswing for Rubio?  Martin O'Malley drops out... will anyone notice or care?  Just how incompetent is Hillary Clinton? Phil goes through the emails to show us.
Is Punxsutawney Phil the go-to rodent prognosticator?  Or should the honors go to Dover Doug?  Why is "The Postman" one of the best libertarian films of all time?
All this, plus musical selections from listeners "Code Name Maserati" and Jeff Hancock!
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