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Andrew and Jerry test the thesis of whether everything helps Trump, or is he now just a "casserole of crazy"?  We talk scandals, arrests, and the latest from the campaign town halls.  Andrew tells his tale of fixing his garage door, and we do a tribute to the late, great, Garry Shandling!

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Live from the Capitol Hill studios in Washington, DC, and Andrew & Jerry almost spill the beans about the actual locale! Michi Iliazi is back in the 3rd chair, and Andrew talks about bring creeped out by German Army re-enactors over the weekend.  They talk Trump...  his national security team, his speech at AIPAC, and how EVERYTHING seems to help him!  Discussions of Cruz' strategy, and what the 3rd party folks are really up to, and the need for Congress to return to "regular order."  They offer their thoughts on the latest Brussels attacks and the response to islamic terror, break news about a celebrity death, and talk about Philly's sugar tax.

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Jerry and Andrew have some breaking news... and we're joined by conservative activist Heather Cordasco to break it down!  We talk about the Sisters of the Poor case before the Supreme Court, talk about the primaries, and learn more about Republican politics in Virginia.  We assess this week's contests, and what it portends for an "open" convention for the GOP.  Then it's St. Patrick's Day.. is it an Irish holiday?  Or a celebration of American Exceptionalism?

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LangerCast Episode 90: Best CPAC... EVER!
And one of the best LangerCast's ever.  Tons of guests as Andrew and Jerry are live from Radio Row.  Author Matt Walsh, NRA News' Cam Edwards.  America's greatest satirist, Jim Geraghty and his radio co-host, Mickey White... and much, much more!
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Andrew and Jerry are live from the Conservative Political
Action Conference... Sean Hannity crashes the show!

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