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This week, Jerry and Andrew break down the results of the "Acela" Primary - and delve deeply into just what happened in Maryland.  Andrew talks about karma in some of the results, and Jerry reveals his deep concern for what's happening in America. Then they explore two theories of the Trump phenomenon--how the destruction of the Tea Party Movement led to the Trump candidacy, and what the decline in youth baseball has to do with the rise of Trump.  There's a victory in the war on free speech, Jerry and Andrew offer their thoughts on the 100th anniversary of the Easter Uprising in Ireland, and they pay tribute to the work of Prince. Oh - and Andrew and Jerry come up with a new busines idea!

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Jerry and Andrew are joined by Sam Kazman from the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Steve Everly from Energy In Depth.  They talk about the assault on the First Amendment rights of CEI, and the possible abuses of power by 20 attorneys general around the US.  Jerry is depressed about last night's New York primary, and just what it says about politics and culture in the US generally.  Indiana may have the most important primary in the US... and they discuss next week's Maryland primary!

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Jerry and Andrew break down what went on in Colorado, and why Donald Trump is a whiner.  What's going to happen in New York next week, and how does that play into the primary overall.  Then it's the use of government power to compel you to change your beliefs... from participating in gay marriage to who can use which bathrooms to skepticism over climate policy proposals.  20 attorneys general have banded together to use law enforcement powers to harass skeptics, with the Competitive Enterprise Institute right in the crosshairs.  Then it's the war over GMO labeling, Jerry's birthday, and Andrew's love of the TV show, Billions.

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LangerCast Episode 94: Rush Is Wrong... About Trump
Andrew and Jerry dive right into the meat of the matter - Rush Limbaugh translates what Trump really means... and he's completely and utterly wrong.  We break down what happened in Wisconsin, and what this bodes for both Trump and Cruz.  Trump's plan to build a wall may be correct, but how he plans to pay for it is not only idiotic, but dangerous.  We set Trump's post-Wisconsin statement to fitting music, and underscore what the statement says about Trump himself.  Then we talk about the assault on speech, especially skeptical and dissenting speech, by 20 attorneys general.  Finally, we talk about our weekends, Batman v Superman, and give a fitting tribute to Thurman Munson at the start of this years baseball season.


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