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We try to have a Trump-less week.  We fail. Regulation is the order of the day, and then we launch into a discussion on what's legitimate to criticize about Trump, and just what isn't.  His attacks on others this week--and whether they distract from the Clinton news (which we dissect).  We talk Elizabeth Warren, and the differences between politicians who are narcissists versus those who are ideologues.  Then we talk prayers and praise, Memorial Day Plans, and classic rock!

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In this special "News Breaker" segment, The LangerCast is joined by the Heritage Foundation's Lindsey Burke.  Lindsey discusses the Philly tax in the context of education policy, and it's not surprising that Mayor Kenney's proposal receives a Failing Grade when it comes to what's best for Philly's students and their families.
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The LangerCast Celebrates 100 Episodes! Live from the undisclosed LangerCast bunker in DC, Andrew & Jerry are joined by special guests, Michi Iliazi, comedian Tim Young, and writer and raconteur, Brian Darling!

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Jerry's fed up, and Andrew's had an epiphany.  Is Donald Trump merely a rorschach test for America, holding a mirror up to America's voters?  Is there a third choice beyond #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary ? Tune in for a potential solution to this conundrum. The North Carolina bathroom fight is a mere proxy war in an overall push by the left--and the left's attacks on Captain America fit into this!  And the guys give thanks and congratulations to several LangerCast friends and listeners!

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LangerCast Action Alert:  Libertarian Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen
Andrew and Jerry sit down with entrepreneur and libertarian activist Austin Petersen in a supplemental LangerCast episode, to talk about his campaign for President of the United States!
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Jerry and I interview Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Judd Weiss.  We break down what happened in Indiana, why Cruz lost, why Trump won, and how the Libertarian party can reach out to disaffected voters of all kinds:  Republicans, Democrats and Independents.  We talk Star Wars Day, Captain America Civl War, and why 80s music doesn't suck!

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