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A retired Air Force NCO is forcibly removed from another's retirement ceremony. His crime? Daring to utter the word "God" during a flag-folding speech!  We talk to Mike Berry from the First Liberty Foundation about the case of Oscar Rodriguez, and the good work of First Liberty.  We talk food policy, and Maine Governor Paul LePage, as well as more on the Philly Soda Tax!  And the world remains on fire!
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Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes sits down with Andrew and Jerry to talk about what's really going on with the Trump Campaign.  Staff shakeups, fundraising filings, the issues facing the campaign.  How is the campaign transitioning from the primary to the general election?  Listen and learn!

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In the aftermath of the Orlando Attack, Jerry and Andrew tackle the problems of the growing divide between Americans, and efforts to bridge that divide.  Andrew tells the story of being unfriended over the weekend on social media, and offers why such behavior is unhelpful to political discourse and solving problems.  Jerry then offers his theory as to what an open GOP convention really could mean.  And Andrew talks about the worst movie he's seen in years!
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The LangerCast is live from the DC premiere of the new documentary, A Billion Lives... a film about how vaping techology is shifting people away from tradtional smoking, has the potential to save millions upon millions of people, and how that industry is under siege from a variety of special interests!  We interview Tony Abboud from the Vapor Technology Association about the film, and about the latest assault from the FDA on vapor enthusiasts!  Michi Iliazi from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance joins Andrew and Jerry, and the three talk about what TPA is up to, discuss the California Primary, Trump's comments about the judge in the Trump University case, whether the Libertarian Party is interested in courting social conservatives, and touch on the latest Game of Thrones and Haley Atwell's comments about Captain America's romantic interests!

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Andrew and Jerry break down the lunacy that is the #JusticeForHarambe movement, and the idiocy of the public outrage over the gorilla killing in Cincinnati this weekend.  Then they talk abject disappointment - disappointment in the possible proffering of David French as a Third Party candidate, disappointment in the Libertarian Convention, and disappointment with the choices this election season.  An in-depth discussion over the ethics of #NeverTrump - and who would be easier to oppose... Trump or Clinton.  And tales of snakes in the yard!
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