The Langer Cast

Andrew and Jerry are joined by Michi Iliazi from TPA! The three of them break down the first presidential debate between Trump and Clinton.  Who won, who lost, what was missed, what targets hit.  If you're looking for a balanced and objective look at the showdown, this is it!

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Jerry and Andrew are live from the NRANews studios, joined by Cameron Gray.  We talk about the latest polls, whether Hillary will participate in Monday's presidential debate, talk about the weekend's bombings, the shootings in Charlotte and Tulsa, and the rioting.  We also talk about a high school teacher stomping on the American flag, and play a game with Jerry!
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Andrew and Jerry talk pneumonia, Hillary's "truthiness gap" and baskets of deplorables.  We talk about Massachusetts' new policies regarding faith-based groups and LGBTQIA accomodations with Rob Eno from the Conservative Review.  We talk tribalism, tales of being unfriended on social media, and what the latest polls are showing.

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Jerry and Andrew sit down with Amelia Hamilton to talk back to school, her books, and why Stranger Things is both great _and_ scary!  We talk Hillary's health and the FBI document dump, the latest Trump polls, gas price memories, and we contrast the life of Colin Kaepernick with that of St. Teresa of Calcutta!
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