The Langer Cast
We talk transition, Castro, flagburning, the divisions in America.  Is Donald Trump a massive troll?  How does Jerry sell out?
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A shorter, pre-Thanksgiving LangerCast.  Andrew and Jerry talk about the Hamilton Controversy - why the cast was wrong, why Trump, was wrong.  Was anyone right?  We talk about Mike Pence, and the attacks on his record. And then we talk about the 200 white nationalists who came to DC over the weekend.

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Andrew and Jerry assess the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential elections--what we know about what happened, the reactions from people at all points on the spectrum.  We talk discourse, and Andrew revisits his tale of being unfriended this past June. Then we talk transition... and who might be in a Trump administration.

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The LangerCast election night special - Live via Facebook Live! Andrew and Jerry are live from the Cam & Company Studios near Washington DC for election night. They take your phone calls, break down the results as they come in, offer their thoughts for the election itself. They're joined by Cam Edwards for a discussion of how America can (and needs to) come together!

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It's the week before the Election and we're fired up!  Andrew and Jerry talk about the racial divide, the changing definition of racism, and Andrew's visit to the Fieldston School last week.  Then they launch into the latest election bombshells...  the FBI emails, Andrew's theory about what Huma Abedin's real role in the scandal, what this means for the election... and Andrew offers what Jerry calls "the most brilliant thing ever said on the LangerCast"!
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