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Jerry and Andrew are BACK! Talking about the Alabama election results - what happened, why, and what does this spell for Trump, Trumpism, and the GOP going into 2018. Then they turn their attention to the Special Counsel's investigation of the Trump Campaign... given new revelations of prejudicial behavior, is it time for the investigation to end?

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Andrew and Jerry talk about the Roy Moore situation in Alabama and what it means more generally.  Then they talk about the problems with the GOP tax proposal, and whether deductions for state and local taxes enable the pushers of big government.

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LangerCast Episode 153: Pravda
There's a new Russia Scandal in the news (sorta), but this time it's the Clintons in the crosshairs.  Andrew and Jerry talk about this, the media ignoring or misreporting other stories, and whether or not the Republic is lost.
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Andrew and Jerry are live from Old Town Alexandria.  They talk free speech with CFIF's Tim Lee, are joined by ACU's Michi Iliazi.  Kneeling and the NFL - where does it end? Andrew reviews the Kingsman and Jerry is still obsessed with NOT going to the Billie Jean King/Bobbie Riggs movie.
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Andrew and Jerry are live once again from Capitol Hill.  They talk Trump and the UN, Kim Jong Un tweets (and gets translated), the Graham-Cassidy Legislation.  Jerry has no interest in seeing the Bobby Riggs/Billy Jean King movie (and Andrew loved Wind River).  Mr. It Was Me is back! And Trump gets proven right about the Deep State.
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Andrew and Jerry break down Hillary's new book, and whether Hillary is deep in denial, still, over why she lost last November. They are joined by Brian Darling, and talk about 4th amendment issues and intellectual property.  Finally, they talk DACA and commemorate 9-11
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LangerCast 149:  Tanned, Rested and Ready
Jerry and Andrew are back from vacation.  They talk Charlottesville and the great divide in America, how one ought to examine the issue of statuary removal.  Mike Rowe gets some fan mail riddled with fallacies, and he, in turn takes down the author of the email.  And they talk North Korea!
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Andrew and Jerry talk about the President's feud with AG Sessions and how this plays with the rest of the cabinet, they break down the President's announcement on Transgender military service, and how the Swamp is pushing back against the president!

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The LangerCast is live from the RedMaryland 10th Anniversary Party!  We sit down with Greg Kline and Brian Griffiths, Red Maryland's founders, Andrew revisits with his former podcast partner, Mark Newgent.  Former neighbor (and Red Maryland Alumna) Andi Morony stops by.  And we chat with Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh!

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Andrew and Jerry are joined by a special guest in the Wren's Rest Studio!  The health care bill is released, we talk about the U2 Concert at FedEx Field, Bono's calls for common ground, and people trying to rob others of joy.  We break down the special election in GA-6 and what this bodes for Democrats moving forward, Trump's speech in Cedar Rapids (and his desire to build a solar wall) and Paul Ryan on Tax Reform.

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Jerry and Andrew break down the thwarted massacre of Republicans in Alexandria, VA.  Who was James Hodgkinson? How did we get to this point?  Why the left's rhetoric (and the impact thereof) cannot be compared to that on the right.  What does this all mean going forward?
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LangerCast Episode 144: Monitorizing Perscapacity (and other malapropisms)
An action-packed LangerCast as Andrew and Jerry are joined by TPA's Michi Iliazi and the Baked, Roasted & Fried Blog's Insouciant Chef, Chris Terrell (and his son, Forrest).  Comey is testifying, but what is he actually saying?  We explain the concept of "Woke" to Chris, talk what TPA's up to, discuss Transgender policy, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, and Bernie Sanders' strange religious tests for public service.
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RIP Roger Moore.  Ajit Pai reads mean tweets. We talk Net Neutrality, Russia, Fake News, Trump's first foreign trip.

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Andrew and Jerry break down the Comey firing, cutting through the partisan narrative to get at what really matters and Andrew has a recommendation for a new FBI Director.  Then they separate the wheat from the chaff on the AHCA--the myths, the facts, and how health care can really be fixed.
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Andrew and Jerry break down the first 100 days... and give Trump letter grades.  They talk about the latest in Trump's statements that have the media in an uproar, talk about America's asian foreign policy.  They talk flawed dystopian fiction... and the arrogance of political comedians!
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Andrew and Jerry are live from the downtown DC studios!  Joined by Michi Iliazi, they talk about GA 6, Tax Day, and the latest terrorist attacks!
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LangerCast Episode 139:  United We Stand, Against United
Andrew and Jerry break down the United Airlines saga... and actually aren't so united in their conclusions.  They talk about the special elections in Kansas and Georgia, whether we'll go to war with North Korea and Russia (and what's happening in Syria).  And is Trump pivoting towards the center, or is Trump being Trump?
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Andrew and Jerry are live from the Capitol Hill Bunker.  They talk about Maryland legislative shenanigans regarding generic drug and craft beer... and the cronyism involved.  Was pulling the AHCA failure, or brilliant politics?  And legislators in Minnesota want the government to prepare your tax refurns for you... why this is a supremely bad idea.  Plus, Andrew talks about Kong: Skull Island and the dearth of movies he wants to see.

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Andrew and Jerry analyze the stunning revelations that came from Rachel Maddow's courageous reporting on Donald Trump's tax return.  Then we break down the concept of "intersectionality" and Andrew talks about the roots of America's "change revolution" and the "psychotic jihad' that has sprung up in response.  Finally, there's controversy over the American Health Care Act... and we talks what's actually terrific about the AHCA!

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Andrew and Jerry are joined by Michi Iliazi... and it's Meech's Birthday!  They listen to the Zomebie Trump Protestor, and talk about just what International Day Without Women Day is all about.  They talk about the proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare, Defense Spending, and Trump's claims that he and his campaign were wiretapped!
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Andrew Langer​ & Jerry Rogers​ are live from the LangerCast Bunker on Capitol Hill. They break down the President's speech to the joint session, the Democrat response (and the response from some NeverTrump Republicans), and then talk about the 8th Anniversary of the Tea Party.
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We are joined by Amelia Hamilton, Cameron Gray, John Popp and Mona Salama
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Me, Jerry Rogers, Michi Iliazi & Amelia Hamilton are joined by...- Kurt Schlichter - Jim Geraghty - Mickey White - Lawrence J. Spiwak
And a cast of characters!

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Andrew and Jerry are live from Ben's Chili Bowl! They talk about General Flynn, the epic Trump press conference, a "Day Without Immigrants" and why we actually have to live in the real world.
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Andrew and Jerry talk about Elizabeth Warren being shut down on the Senate floor, just what _is_ a snowflake and why snowflakes ought to take that moniker in stride.  The Ted Cruz/Bernie Sanders debate and just what needs to be fixed in health care.  And where does the left-right conflict end?  Or does it not?

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Andrew and Jerry break down the Gorsuch nomination to the Supreme Court and the predictable response from the left.  We talk about the Trump EO on Immigration - what it was and what it wasn't.  And we talk about the current left-right divide... are we in a "cold" civil war?

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Andrew and Jerry break down the Women's March in Washington, the first 100 hours of the Donald Trump Administration, and Andrew offers a tribute to a late friend.
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The LangerCast is live from Capitol Hill the day before Donald Trump has his Inauguration.  Andrew and Jerry are joined by Michi Iliazi and Tim Young.  The four of them break down the last days of the Obama administration, the first days of the Trump administration.  They talk about what Trump has to do in order to succeed - ad stick around to the very end for a bold prediction from Michi!
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Andrew and Jerry break down the "dossier".  What are journlists' obligations in pushing stories?  What are parental obligations when uncomfortable subjects come up in the news?  How bad is the divide today?
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Andrew, Jerry and Michi are back! Does Jerry hold a grudge?  Are Andrew & Meech too quick to judge? We talk fake hacking stories, the returning Congress, karma and presidential appointments, favorite Billy Joel albums and songs... and Jerry being confuse by "The Force Awakens".
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