The Langer Cast
Andrew and Jerry break down the Women's March in Washington, the first 100 hours of the Donald Trump Administration, and Andrew offers a tribute to a late friend.
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The LangerCast is live from Capitol Hill the day before Donald Trump has his Inauguration.  Andrew and Jerry are joined by Michi Iliazi and Tim Young.  The four of them break down the last days of the Obama administration, the first days of the Trump administration.  They talk about what Trump has to do in order to succeed - ad stick around to the very end for a bold prediction from Michi!
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Andrew and Jerry break down the "dossier".  What are journlists' obligations in pushing stories?  What are parental obligations when uncomfortable subjects come up in the news?  How bad is the divide today?
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Andrew, Jerry and Michi are back! Does Jerry hold a grudge?  Are Andrew & Meech too quick to judge? We talk fake hacking stories, the returning Congress, karma and presidential appointments, favorite Billy Joel albums and songs... and Jerry being confuse by "The Force Awakens".
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