The Langer Cast
Andrew and Jerry are live from Old Town Alexandria.  They talk free speech with CFIF's Tim Lee, are joined by ACU's Michi Iliazi.  Kneeling and the NFL - where does it end? Andrew reviews the Kingsman and Jerry is still obsessed with NOT going to the Billie Jean King/Bobbie Riggs movie.
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Andrew and Jerry are live once again from Capitol Hill.  They talk Trump and the UN, Kim Jong Un tweets (and gets translated), the Graham-Cassidy Legislation.  Jerry has no interest in seeing the Bobby Riggs/Billy Jean King movie (and Andrew loved Wind River).  Mr. It Was Me is back! And Trump gets proven right about the Deep State.
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Andrew and Jerry break down Hillary's new book, and whether Hillary is deep in denial, still, over why she lost last November. They are joined by Brian Darling, and talk about 4th amendment issues and intellectual property.  Finally, they talk DACA and commemorate 9-11
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