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Andrew and Jerry are joined by Jenna Lynn Ellis, Director of Public Policy at the James Dobson Family Institute.  They talk about the Mueller Investigation and what the announcement of Gen. Michael Flynn's possible sentencing really means.  It's the day of the George HW Bush Funeral, and they discuss Bush 41's legacy.  They do a deep dive into Jenna's book, "The Legal Basis for A Moral Constitution" and go well-beyond ordered liberty.  Plus, a discussion of favorite holiday songs and Andrew and Jerry rank the Rocky movies!

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Andrew and Jerry are joined by comedian and author Tim Young!  They break down the results of the 2018 Midterms - the good, the bad and the ugly.  Was there a blue wave? What does this mean for President Trump?  What happened in Maryland?  Plus, we learn all about Tim's inter-party dating life!
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On this Special Edition of the LangerCast, Andrew and Jerry talk with one of their favorites... award-winning actor Jeremy Piven.  Jeremy is coming to Baltimore to do stand-up, and in this wide-ranging interview, they talk about the transition from acting to stand-up comedy, they talk about some of Andrew and Jerry's favorite films and roles (and working with directors like Cameron Crowe), and things like improvisation on-set.  But they also talk about the importance of comedy, especially satire, in this day and age, and why we need "persuadables" today.  And Jeremy pays Andrew a head-swelling compliment!

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Andrew and Jerry are live from their Capitol Hill studios - talking about the aftermath of Kavanaugh and lessons learned from last week's vote.  Nicki Haley resigns, and Andrew explains the timing.  And Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi both had things to say about civility--Jerry and Andrew break it down, and we learn what a "Wrap-up Smear" is.
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Andrew and Jerry broadcast from the US Chamber of Commerce's 2018 Small Business Summit.  They talk about small business challenges, whether to talk about entrepreneurship instead of small business.  They're joined by Jona Van Deun from the Chamber, Young Entrepreneur Chris Muth, and Gayle Jagel, founder and CEO of the Young Entrepreneur's Academy!
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Andrew is live from a symposium on trade and national security in San Juan, Puerto Rico, talking about issues like the Jones Act, and how it impacts the American economy and a variety of public policies!  He's joined by George Landrith from Frontiers of Freedom, Kerry Picket from SiriusXM, NRATV and the Daily Caller, and Gabriella Hoffman from the Resurgent!
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Andrew and Jerry are BACK from Summer Vacation! Talking Chaos at the Kavanaugh Hearing, Bob Woodard is Selling Books, and Nike and Hollywood throw America under the bus... again.
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It's a special edition of the LangerCast, live from CryptoBlockCon, an emerging-tech conference held at the New York Institute of Technology in New York City.  Andrew talks with experts on cryptocurrency and blockchain, talks about the differences between the two, and we discover how blockchain can be a truly transformative tech while talking with the entrepreneurs that are bringing amazingly innovative ideas to the marketplace!

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Andrew and Jerry talk about Trump's negotiating style, North Korea, fake news, the latest immigration "scandal", how the Ellicott City floods are manmade, Trump gets a letter edited by an English teacher, authoritarianism in America and the Irish abortion vote!
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LangerCast Episode 159: Oleaginous!
Andrew and Jerry explore George Will's thesaurus... and try to figure out what the Never Trumper Endgame is.  The besmirchment of Vice President Mike Pence by political hack Steve Schmidt (and Andrew talks about the truth behind his support of John McCain).  They explore Trevor Noah's unintentional honesty in a Daily Show ad, talk about Eric Schneiderman's other crimes (and President Trump's prescience), and they talk about the President's announcement on drug price policy!
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A Special Newsbreakers Edition of the LangerCast as host Andrew Langer moderates a symposium in Washington, DC on re-asserting Congress' "War Powers" under the Constitution!  The discussion features former Justice Department official Bruce Fein, Dr. Louis Fisher, author of a book on Congress' war powers, and Col. Larry Wilkerson, adjunct professor at William & Mary.  Remarks are also made by Rep. David Brat (R-VA) and Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY).  A fascinating hour where participants discuss Congress' abdication of it's responsibilities over time, how we got to where we are, and how we get Congress to take back its power from the federal executive branch!

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It's the LangerCast Star Wars Day Spectacular!  Andrew and Jerry are joined by Bridget Rogers and LangerCast Superfan Mrs. McGillicuddy!  We talk Avengers: Infinity War, Did Lin-Manuel Miranda plagiarize himself?  Rudy Giuliani's appearance on Hannity and why the Trump Team can't get out of the way of their own feet.  What is the Star Wars Machete Order... and Andrew tells his saga of trying to find a Stormtrooper on Star Wars Day!

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Andrew Langer and Jerry Rogers are live from Capitol Hill.  Talking about the Comey Town Hall, the attacks on Admiral Ronny Jackson, Kanye West's pro-Trump Tweets, and the case of Baby Alfie.  Plus, Andrew tells Jerry's daughters the story of being hired by Jerry, the Showtime Documentary about WLIR and they discuss the upcoming release of Avengers: Infinity War.

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After a 4 month hiatus, Andrew and Jerry are back! They talk Russia, Mueller, the raid on Trump's lawyer's office, Paul Ryan decides to not run for re-election, and the nation's opiod crisis!
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