The Langer Cast

Andrew and Jerry talk with Dr. Matthew Spalding from Hillsdale College, original Tea Partier Brendan Steinhauser, Ben Brubeck from the Associated Builders and Contractors, Mandy Gunasekara, founder of Energy45, our old friend Horace Cooper, Dale Bellis from Liberty HealthShare and our new BFF, retired NYPD Detective Rob O'Donnell, now with Brothers Before Others.

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Andrew and Jerry are joined by conservative writer Matt Walsh, RedMaryland's Brian Griffiths, Tea Party Patriots' Founder JennyBeth Martin, Adam Kennedy, Deputy Director of Communications for the White House, Hayden Williams, the activist who was assaulted at UC Berkeley, and Emma Meshell from Campus Reform!

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Andrew and Jerry sit down with Luke Rosiak from the Daily Caller to talk about his new book, "Obstruction of Justice".  Who really hacked the DNC and stole their emails?  You will find out in a story that is disturbing and harrowing.

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Does familiarity breed contempt?  Andrew and Jerry are joined by Cameron Gray, and they delve into the pressing issue of why Andrew has enemies.  Of course, they talk about the dumpster fire of Virginia politics, and whether the zero-tolerance polices of the Democrats are going to swing the pendulum back to center.  They then debate whether the 2019 State of the Union the greatest SOTU speech ever!  Plus...  talk about Greg Evigan, the late, great, Robert Guillame, Cameron Gray's audio tapes of 80s TV shows, and how Andrew is now friends with Diane Franklin.

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Andrew and Jerry are back in the New Year and despite the mass hysteria, things are actually pretty good in the world.  They talk about the Government Shut Down, the debate over the wall, the Remarks by President Trump, Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer... and the importance of making policy that reflects the realities of the real world.

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